Can Organisational Psychologists Save Performance Reviews?

Last week’s fantastic webcast, where Revelian’s Organisational Psychologists ¬†Matthew Neale and Craig Gilles attempted some last minute CPR on the performance review process, is now available to view.   So if you missed the session live, block out 45 minutes in your calendar, plug in your headphones, and find out whether annual performance reviews can truly be saved.    

Our top learnings from SIOP 2018 in Chicago

It’s pretty amazing when a group of people whose head office is in¬† Stafford, Queensland, next to Bunnings Warehouse, are invited to the biggest Industrial/Organisational Psychology conference in the world in Chicago to present and participate in panel discussions on game-based assessments. There’s a lot of interest in the USA and globally about Cognify, our latest game-based assessment and specifically, …