New case study: Professional services firm improves recruitment metrics

Key objectives

A professional services firm wanted to ensure that they were hiring graduates who had the right skills and were a good ‘fit’ with the organisation, to be able to grow it into the future. They also wanted to:

  • Increase the efficiency and validity of their hiring process
  • Decrease unconscious bias and increase the diversity of candidates moving through to interview
  • Improve their employer brand by enhancing the candidate experience with the use of best practice recruitment technology.

They approached Revelian to help them improve their recruitment process, by incorporating assessments that would help them achieve their goals.

Revelian assessments used


Cognify: A game-based assessment that measures cognitive ability, problem solving, learning ability

Predicts future job performance


Values Inventory:

A double-sided assessment that measures alignment between person and organisation

Predicts organisational commitment



An ability-based assessment that measures emotional intelligence

Predicts interpersonal effectiveness

The updated recruitment process

And the results…

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