VIDEO: Supplement your Judgement with Science and Hire the Best Candidate


In life, sometimes our own judgement needs a little helping hand.


For example, while the car we want to buy might look incredible, a mechanical inspection can reveal problems we’d never have found.


And while a house might look like your dream home, a proper inspection could identify poor foundations, a termite infestation or that you’re on a major flood path!


Or we might think we know how to fix ourselves if we get ill – but it’s probably best to seek the help of a doctor or surgeon.


It’s exactly the same when we’re looking for a new employee. While candidates might look perfect on the basis of their resume, interview and reference check, you can’t really be sure you’re getting the right person without a professional opinion.


Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have to carry an Organisational Psychologist around in your pocket. Revelian’s psychologists have developed tools that give you the kinds of insight you can’t get any other way, such as:


  • Whether the person will learn quickly and be good at solving problems
  • How well they’ll manage a team or interact with customers
  • Their level of reliability and integrity
  • Whether their values match your organisation’s values
  • And the kinds of behaviours they prefer at work.


All Revelian assessments are available online, so you can invite your candidates to complete them when it suits them. They’re short and easy to complete, and you’ll get the results as soon as each candidate completes testing.


It’s a fast, efficient, effective and – most importantly – scientifically valid and reliable way to learn more about the people you’re considering employing. And it vastly increases the likelihood of hiring someone who’s going to be a star employee.


So while you might be an excellent judge of people, you don’t need to just ‘hire and hope’ any more. Adding Revelian assessments to the mix gives you even more certainty that you’re making the very best recruitment decision.