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Forget The Clichès: Here’s Why Company Culture Matters And How To Nurture Your Own

Revelian assessments will be available to all JobAdder clients when our latest integration goes live at the end of May. In this article, JobAdder’s Laura Hanrahan looks at the importance of hiring for cultural and values fit, and how JobAdder promotes its unique company culture every day.

It’s a phrase – and a clichèd one – that we’ve all heard many times before: employees are the most important part of an organisation.


But let’s be a little more specific. The first thing you need to do is hire the right employees who have values that align with those of your company. Once you’ve done that, then the goal becomes to sustain a positive, harmonious and inspiring company culture.


At JobAdder, one of the founding principles of our company is to “make a great place to work every day.” We believe that if you’re going to spend 5 days a week doing something, you should absolutely love it and the people you do it with.


We’re vocal about our values and as a result, you’d be surprised at how many unsolicited job applications we receive! People who approach us off their own bat about wanting to work at JobAdder all have one thing in common: they say that they feel connected to our company values. With that insight, it’s fair to say that advocating company culture has the accidental benefit of being a talent acquisition tool!


When it comes to hiring the right people for your organisation, it’s important to differentiate between seeking candidates with similar values and ethics, and seeking similar candidates. Hiring people who share the same values as your company does not mean hiring the same kind of person. At JobAdder, one of the elements of our culture that makes it great is that we’re a diverse bunch of people who teach, challenge and learn from one another.


Once you’ve got the right employees, here’s why company culture is important:


  1. It makes work a more human experience. There’s a sense of pride and fulfillment that every day you’re working as a team towards something greater than yourself, alongside people you relate to and respect.
  2. Having clearly defined values and fostering a safe, happy workplace creates an environment of trust. People aren’t afraid to be themselves, share ideas freely without fear of judgment, or try new things and be bold for innovation.
  3. It leads to staff retention. Employees are far more inclined to stay in a job when they believe in the company culture and enjoy coming to work every day. At JobAdder, we’ve supported a number of employees who’ve moved overseas and moved sideways into a different career path, but still wanted to stay at the company. Now, they’re even more valuable for having had previous experience in another office or area of the business.


So how do we maintain the culture at JobAdder and how can you do it too?


1. Employee Programs


LifeAdder is an internal program in which every employee is encouraged to set a personal goal or achievement for the year ahead. It has nothing to do with day-to-day work, and is an opportunity for employees to get to know each other better on a more personal level, and to motivate and inspire one another.


2. Biannual Getaways


Twice a year, we make time to get out of Sydney for a few nights and have a company getaway. These are a chance to reflect and refocus our strategy for the next 6 months and beyond. These trips involve days of breakout strategy sessions, hackathons and team presentations, as well as dinner and a few well-earned drinks together at the end of each day.


3. Make Time for Fun: Card Games, Company Lunches, and Chocolate


Let’s be honest – the token foosball table that sits in every company’s office is rarely used and not all staff want to drink beer, so schedule time for other inclusive bonding activities. Regular activities at JobAdder HQ include informal company-wide lunches that everyone is invited along to, weekly lunchtime card games and spontaneous deliveries of sweets to the office!


There is a direct correlation between great company culture and employees who achieve great things. By adopting some of these culture-building activities, and by hiring employees who share your company’s values, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful work environment where employees can prosper!