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Psychometric testing helps employers in the process of measuring a candidate’s relevant strengths and weaknesses to determine their employment suitability. Assessments provide employers with reliable and valid information on candidate skills that link to job performance.

It is important to remember however, that psychometric assessments are one of many tools employers use to support fair and objective decision-making.

How to succeed at psychometric tests

What you should do to ensure you perform your best on our tests:

All assessments
  • Read instructions carefully
  • Be well rested, comfortable and relaxed
  • Complete tests in a quiet environment free from distraction
  • Ensure you’re not affected by alcohol or drugs
  • Wear your contacts or glasses
  • Refrain from receiving help from others
  • Respond honestly and to the best of your ability
  • No right or wrong answer, just preferences, interests and motivations
  • Answer instinctually without too much thought
  • Be yourself

The Best Employers Work with Revelian

Employers who use Revelian care about their staff. They care about putting the right people in the right jobs and they care about ensuring their employees are happy, motivated and engaged. Sound like a great employer? We think so!

At Revelian, we’re committed to ensuring your experience as a candidate is a positive one. Assessments can be stressful but rest assured we’ve made the process as simple, quick and accessible as we possibly can.

And you have the added benefit of helpful support from our friendly support team!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Prepare for the Tests?

The tests are NOT of a pass/fail nature. The tests are not scored negatively, that is, you are not penalised for submitting incorrect responses but rather scored positively for the questions answered correctly. The tests are not designed to be reflective of study or prior learning and as such there is no need to study prior to completing the assessments. It is important to ensure that you sit the tests in a comfortable environment that is free from distraction. It is also important that you read all the instructions carefully and take full advantage of the example questions provided.

How Secure are My Details and My Test Results?

Revelian conforms to all relevant privacy legislation. In addition, Revelian has designed a unique web based archiving system that ensures all details and test results are kept secure and confidential. Candidates’ test results remain valid for a period of 12 months and with permission can be retrieved from the database for review during this period.

Can I Re-sit the Tests?

Once the tests have been completed they cannot be attempted again within a 12 month period. If you wish to apply for a position with the same organisation or another organisation using these tests within the next 12 months you will be asked to release your previous results. These responses will then be compared to the normative comparison group relative to the new position. In this way, new results will be generated and considered for this recruitment process. These provisions are designed to ensure that all candidates have an equal opportunity to perform and that no one is advantaged by practice.

Do I Get Feedback On My Performance?

Each candidate who completes pre-employment tests (except the Revelian Behavioural Profile) and/or skills tests receives a feedback report via email. The report contains only information relevant to your performance on the tests and does not contain information about your progress in the selection process.

Want to Test Yourself?

Take our online Personal Insight Profile to help understand your natural strengths. Impress employers by being able to speak confidently about the qualities that make you an asset.

The Personal Insight Profile is based on the DISC model which looks at four key traits:

Dominance – approach to problems and challenges

Influencing – approach to social situations

Steadiness – approach to pace of the environment

Compliance – approach to rules

You will receive a personalised report immediately in your inbox that will help you understand your personal behavioural preferences. Gain clear insight into:

  • How you communicate with others
  • What motivates you
  • Your top strengths
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