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An organisation is a group of people working together in collaborative manner. Organisational effectiveness is therefore a function of how people communicate with one-another. By ‘listening’ to the internal dialogue of a business and interpreting the digital communication patterns between people, teams and divisions we can help you determine:

  • Is collaboration reliant on key personnel or do people act as barriers to collaboration?
  • Who is isolated and who is building relationships across the business?
  • Are teams demonstrating cohesion or are the individual members working separately?
  • Where are the collaboration hubs, and information islands?
  • Who do we really need to reach to communicate more broadly?

Reduce overload, improve productivity

Email overload and snowballing communications can all lead to ‘organisational freeze’ – an inability of the business to cope with anything than the day to day. Time to decision increases and people are weighed down with the burden of just getting through their inbox.
The Revelian Communications Analysis Platform has sophisticated algorithms that are able to measure specific attributes of your business, teams and people. It can be used to diagnose specific productivity issues and in particular low quality and ineffective communication.
By looking at patterns of interactions we provide a new, reliable, unobtrusive and objective method for pin-pointing opportunities to enhance productivity and alleviate communications stress. By looking deeper it is possible to identify:

  • Who is under the most burden and the sources of that stress.
  • Whether effective delegation is taking place.
  • Opportunities to enhance speed to decision.

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