Culture & Engagement

Understand your organisation’s culture so you can create a more cohesive environment.

Organisational Values Audit

Create a company-specific profile of culture in your unique work environment to drive talent management initiatives (as well as to inform future recruitment). Learn more about a company-specific values audit.

Engagement Survey

Ask staff for their feedback to understand current levels of engagement and identify the factors that drive engagement. Learn more about this survey.

Behavioural (DISC) Profiling

A great way to inform employee development based on personal communication styles is for employees to complete a Revelian Behavioural Profile assessment.  Revelian can also deliver group sessions to help team’s use their DISC profiles to work together more effectively which can greatly enhance workplace cohesion. Learn more about Group Behavioural Profiling.

Information that can’t be articulated

Culture is simultaneously created by, and shapes how people communicate with one-another, and it is often subconscious and unspoken. There is no better way of understanding corporate culture than through the analysis of its communications.

The Revelian Communications Analysis Platform provides analytical insight into the engagement of people without having to run surveys or getting people to vote, and deliver results in real time. It reveals culture by answering key questions like:

  • Whether individuals and teams are aligned
  • How hierarchical or egalitarian the business is
  • Whether individuals and teams operate with transparency
  • If management foster autonomy or control
  • How collaborative the business is and whether there are further opportunities for improvement
  • How culture changes over time and whether specific changes have made an impact

The platform can also be used to diagnose engagement levels of engagement across the organisation, and because it is unobtrusive and survey-free it can operate as a supplement to existing traditional methods, or as a replacement for them. By analysing the communication patterns of your people it is possible to determine:

  • Which teams and individuals are ‘switched-on’ and which are ‘switched-off’
  • Whether there are systemic issues over time
  • If particular staff are trending up or down over time
  • Who sets the tone and who follows

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