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Revelian integrates seamlessly with all leading eRecruitment systems.

Revelian’s psychometric assessments integrate seamlessly with all leading eRecruitment systems to give you the flexibility of maintaining your current system while benefitting from our robust and reliable tests.

Who we integrate with:

While eRecruitment or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) deliver process efficiencies, they won’t lead to better quality hires on their own. Integrating pre-employment assessments, such as Revelian’s psychometric and skills tests, into the recruitment process delivers the most reliable recruitment outcomes possible. This is because testing allows the applicant screening process to be highly objective, maximising the efficiency gains and ROI that eRecruitment platforms offer.

How Integration Works

HR IT integrations

  1. Establish the testing phases within your current Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or eRecruitment system.
  2. Applicants are sent details about how to complete the assessments online (this method varies depending on your provider). Revelian provides full online and phone support (technical and psychology).
  3. Candidate results are instantly marked and their raw results and online reports are passed from Revelian back into your ATS to be viewed. Candidates also receive a feedback report immediately upon completing assessments.
  4. In some systems, these results can be used in an automated workflow to progress candidates to the next phase in the recruitment process.

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