Performance and Influence

Triggered management recommendations based upon real-time metrics.

Understand the performance of your people by obtaining analytical insight into who is well-regarded by their peers, who has influence regardless of their job title, and what factors are drivers of performance. Enhance the productivity, safety and leadership skills of your team with development assessments.

Performance Reviews

Our 360 degree performance surveys are structured specifically to collect the most valuable information relating to performance. The content has been written by our in-house psychology team, but can also be customised to meet your needs. Learn more about the 360 Degree Performance Review survey and the 360 Degree Leadership survey.

Psychometric tests to improve performance

Revelian’s Work Safety Assessment can be used to assess existing workers to identify individual safety development needs and tailor your development programs. If you already invest significantly in training and equipment to support a safety culture in your workplace, it makes sense to add the Work Safety Assessment to your development program to enable you to address individuals’ safety and risk behaviour.

Assess how well your employees are likely to communicate, manage others with empathy, work within a team and deliver excellent customer service with the Revelian Emotional Intelligence assessment.

Reveal performance and high potential through communication patterns

High performance organisations have people that work effectively together. By analysing their digital communication patterns you can see the behavioural characteristics of your top performers, and the culture of your top teams. Those that are able to influence others demonstrate patterns of communication that stand out from those that don’t.

The Revelian Communications Analysis Platform is able to determine:

  • Who the natural leaders are within the talent pool
  • Sources of high volume, low impact communication
  • Communication characteristics that are associated with high influence
  • Development areas and targets as part of a development process

Revelian supports these insights with a database of management recommendations that are triggered based upon real-time updates to a suite of communications metrics.

 Understand Your People

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