Personal Insight Profile

Unlock your full potential – personally, socially and professionally

The Revelian Personal Insight Profile is an intuitive tool that can help you be more effective in three key areas:

  • Your personal life
  • Your social life
  • Your work life.

This personality test also includes a free typing test, which allows you to understand how your typing speed and accuracy compare to the general population. This can help you realise that you’ve got an edge over other candidates, or it can reveal that this is an area for you to work on.

Understand and improve yourself with the Revelian Personal Insight Profile

This profile only takes about 10 minutes to complete and it can all be done online, for only $35.

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How a personal insight profile can help you (and your colleagues)

While many of our assessments are useful for business owners and hiring managers, this personality test is all about you.  It looks at how you function in a variety of settings and gives you insight into how you can improve.

Understanding your results empowers you to:


  • Improve your communication and relationships with other people (including co-workers)
  • Identify your key personal qualities and motivators
  • Discover and develop your natural strengths
  • Work on your areas of development
  • Understand what makes you an asset to a current or potential future employer.


With that said, this assessment won’t only benefit you. By improving yourself in these ways, you’ll also create a ripple effect for the people in your life – family, friends and colleagues. For example, by understanding your natural style and approach to team settings, you’ll find it easier to contribute positively to your workplace.

16PF table - Revelian

When you complete your personal insight profile, you’ll receive a detailed report that uses intuitive graphs to illustrate your behavioural style. The report includes:


  • An overview of your key behavioural tendencies
  • A graphical representation of your unique behavioural profile
  • Your strengths
  • The role you typically adopt when working with others*
  • Insight into how you adapt to the behavioural styles of other people.


There are 10 team roles you can be identified as fitting in to:


  • Specialist
  • Developer
  • Changer
  • Planner
  • Influencer
  • Stimulator
  • Participator
  • Supporter
  • Assurer


The assessment also looks at four key behavioural factors:


  • Dominance
  • Influencing
  • Steadiness


By using these multiple lenses, the profile creates an accurate and meaningful picture of your personality.

16PF table - Revelian

Share your profile

After you complete your personal insight profile, it’s easy to share your results and compare with friends, family and colleagues on social media. You can also include your report on LinkedIn so prospective employers can get a snapshot of the person you are. You may even like to include a summary of your results as part of your resume. You never know – it could make the crucial difference when you apply for your dream job!

The people behind the profile

You can trust our personal insight profile to be reliable and accurate because of the strict standards we apply to all assessments. Our resources are all developed by qualified psychologists and backed by the latest psychometric data.

Revelian has worked with some of Australia’s leading employers to create effective, cohesive teams throughout the country, so you can rest assured that we’re in a great position to provide you with a genuinely helpful personal insight profile.

Understand and improve yourself with the Revelian Personal Insight Profile

This profile only takes about 10 minutes to complete and it can all be done online.  Simply set up a Revelian account in order to try this behaviour assessment for yourself today.