Personal Insight Profile

be more effective personally, socially and at work

Gain rich personal insight into your personality and behavioural style.

The Revelian Personal Insight Profile РBehaviour assessment can help you be more effective personally, socially and at work. Our personality test also includes a free typing test.

Improve your communication and relationships with others

Recognise your key personal qualities and motivators

Discover and develop your natural strengths

Understand what makes you an asset to a current or potential employer

What’s in the Report?

Receive a detailed, highly graphical report as soon as you complete the personality testing, giving you rich insight into your behavioural style, including:

An overview of your key behavioural tendencies
A graphic representation of your unique behavioural profile
Your strengths
The role you adopt when working with others
Adapting to the behavioural style of others.

Share Your Profile

You can easily share and compare your profiles with friends, family, colleagues and prospective employers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You can also print the results to include in your resume to help you land that dream job!

The Revelian Personal Insight Profile – Behaviour assessment takes 10 minutes to complete online.

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