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Get immediate access to testing through Revelian Express (formerly known as Onetest Express)

When you need a quick and effective way to access psychometric testing for hiring or development decisions, our Express system is the easiest way to start testing straight away.

Start in 3 Easy Steps

Start assessing candidates in three easy steps to find the best person for any position.
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Intuitive Reports

Detailed, yet simple to interpret reports make it easy to identify the top candidates.
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Support & Security

Industry leading security and privacy protection ensures your data is always safe with Revelian.
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Small to medium businesses love Revelian express because it makes testing for recruitment and development affordable and easy, with no contracts.

The benefits of Revelian Express include:

Great range of tests for both recruitment and development

Detailed yet user-friendly reports delivered almost instantly

Pay as you go with a credit card, or pre-purchase credit for better value

No set-up fees, downloads or delays

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double bonus credits

  • Revelian Express

    • Streamlined range of online assessments for recruitment & development
    • No contracts, set price per assessment (extra value in credit packs)
    • Ideal for one-off projects or low volume testing needs

  • Enterprise Solution

    • Full range of assessments for recruitment and development
    • Custom solutions and unique cost-per-hire model for volume testing
    • Ideal for organisations with ongoing talent acquisition and management needs

Simple Pricing, No Contracts

Starting is Easy

It only takes 60 seconds to create a Revelian account. All you need to provide is a few contact and company details. You don’t even have to enter your credit card details or billing information until you are ready to start testing.

There are absolutely:

No setup costs

No complex contracts

No ongoing commitment

No minimum spend

No subscriptions

No training fees

Revelian is a low-cost solution to low-risk hiring with simple, insightful reports. You can get started immediately and we offer free support! It’s all included in the price.

Credit Packs

Pre-purchase credit packs upfront to reduce the overall cost per test.

  • $1500AUD
    • Lite 
    • $1,650 $1,800 value
    • 10% 20% free credit
    • Valid for 12 Months
    • Unlimited Support
    • Get Credits

  • $2500AUD
    • Standard 
    • $2,875 $3,250 value
    • 15% 30% free credit
    • Valid for 12 Months
    • Unlimited Support
    • Get Credits

  • $5000AUD
    • Professional 
    • $6,000 $7,000 value
    • 20% 40% free credit
    • Valid for 12 Months
    • Unlimited Support
    • Get Credits

Pay As You Go

You can choose to purchase tests individually at our low standard rates. The standard prices for each type of assessment is as follows:

  • $100AUD
    • Screening Assessments
    • Cognitive Ability
    • Work Safety
    • Work Reliability
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  • $150AUD
    • Profiling Assessments
    • Behavioural Profile
    • Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT)
    • Screening & shortlisting
    • Test Now

  • $150AUD
    • Development Assessments
    • Behavioural Profile
    • Work Safety
    • Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT)
    • Test Now

  • $50AUD
    • Skills Tests
    • Over 800 Tests Available
    • From forklift driving
    • to Microsoft Office and more
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  • More
    • Volume Discounts
    • Large number of candidates
    • Bulk recruitment projects
    • Integrations with systems
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