Succession & Attrition

Understand and plan for advancement and departures.

Revelian can provide unique analytical insight into the attrition risk, opportunities to retain employees, and succession pipeline of your business.

Exit Survey

Employees leave organisations for many reasons. Learn from departing employees about the underlying organisational factors that influence decisions to leave. Learn more about this survey.

Communication shapes the future steps of employees

Employees’ unique ways of communicating within your business can be analysed to inform key management actions with specific predictions. The Revelian Communications Analysis Platform has sophisticated algorithms including the likelihood of attrition, and the health of the succession pipeline based upon leadership potential and communication characteristics.

By looking at patterns of interactions we provide a new, reliable, unobtrusive and objective method for targeting interventions with staff before it is too late and they are seeking external opportunities saving thousands of dollars per person. Equally, internal talent that may be suitable but has been overlooked can be identified for lateral and linear succession plans based upon desirable communication characteristics.

 Learn From Departing Employees

Revelian can help you learn from departing employees and identify leaders. Get a free demonstration of our Communications Analysis Platform – Enquire today.

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