Talent Management

Review, understand and improve the way individuals and teams work

From the moment you decide to hire, we have tools to help you make data-driven choices to help foster a vibrant workplace culture, where employees are engaged and contributing positively to your organisation. From onboarding new employees, right through to testing the emotional intelligence of potential leaders, Revelian makes it easy.

Business’ biggest cost is its people and they are key to achieving business outcomes. It follows then that understanding your people as individuals and as teams will help drive business success.

Making poor people decisions can also have costly consequences. Toxic culture, poor team alignment and high attrition ultimately impacts your bottom line as you lose productivity or need to dedicate significant resources to recruitment.

Revelian is the only business that combines the strengths of psychology with cost-effective tools to harness big data for HR. This unique combination of people analytics allows you to make insightful decisions in-house that will lead to a more happy, collaborative, talented and productive team.

We help you understand and manage your team across areas including:

Many of the most valuable people analytics insights that Revelian delivers are made possible by our unique and revolutionary Communications Analysis Platform.


Manage employees more effectively at every stage

Psychometric Assessments for Development

Work Safety Assessment

Assess existing workers to identify any individual safety development needs and tailor development programs.

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Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)

Assess how well your employees are likely to communicate, manage, work within a team and deliver customer service.

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Behavioural Profile

Identify how your employees are likely to approach problems, interact with others and respond to the pace of the environment and its rules and procedures.

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Collect Meaningful Feedback

Revelian has a suite of surveys to meet every talent management need. Our survey content has been developed by our in-house team of psychologists based on the best available knowledge of organisational psychology.

Onboarding Survey

Use our employee Onboarding Survey to understand the experiences and satisfaction of new employees.

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Engagement Survey

This survey presents a clear picture of the factors influencing employee engagement. The results can be used to inform organisational strategies designed to improve key employee related outcomes, such as turnover and absenteeism.

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360 Degree Performance Review

This advanced online multi-rater survey provides a consistent, standardised and objective method of gaining insight into employee performance.

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360 Degree Survey for Senior Leaders

This brief multi-rater online survey allows you to assess a comprehensive range of leadership factors, which provides a complete picture of your organisation’s managers.

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Exit Survey

Revelian’s online ‘Final Word’ exit survey leads exiting employees through a set of structured questions to uncover the underlying organisational factors that caused them to leave.

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Build Your Own Custom Survey

Create surveys from an extensive library of questions developed by Revelian’s psychologists or enter your own questions.

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