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General cognitive ability tests: you might know them as aptitude tests or general intelligence assessments. Whatever you call them, there’s one key thing to know about them: they can be very powerful predictors of future work performance.


What does that mean? It means that undertaking a cognitive ability test with your candidates or employees can reveal some important insights into how suitable they are for the job they’re applying for.

Why cognitive ability is worth investigating

General intelligence might not be the most important factor to consider for your vacant position, but it’s certainly a significant one. After all, having a high level of cognitive ability doesn’t just mean you can take the cake at trivia nights; it also means you can:


  • Perform work tasks more accurately and efficiently
  • Make decisions more effectively
  • Use reasoning skills and solve problems
  • Respond intelligently to new or complex circumstances.


Investing in cognitive ability testing empowers you, as a hiring manager, recruiter or business owner, to make clever decisions when filling positions. This means your business will have a greater chance of increasing overall performance and decreasing involuntary employee turnover.

Why cognitive ability is worth investigating

Our assessment includes reasoning questions in three distinct categories:

  • Verbal
  • Numerical
  • Abstract.

The test presents 51 questions randomly via Revelian’s Linear-on-the-Fly (LOTF) item streaming software. This means that each candidate will be randomly streamed a different set of questions (keeping the type and level of difficulty the same), so no two candidates will ever have the same assessment experience and you can be confident in their results.


Questions get gradually more difficult as the candidate progresses through the assessment. As the RCAT uses a broad range of question types of varying difficulty, it is able to provide an impressively comprehensive assessment of each person’s cognitive ability.


The resulting score reflects the person’s ability to acquire, retain, organise and apply information in a variety of circumstances. By comparing your candidates’ scores to a relevant normative group, you can accurately predict their potential job performance.


General cognitive ability – verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning


Future job performance


20 mins (timed)


51 Questions

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