Work Reliability (Integrity)

Testing for integrity gives your business extra security

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Does your organisation rely on the integrity of its employees?

Do you need to know you can trust your people to act honestly and responsibly?


The Revelian Work Reliability Scale can help you hire people who have the right attitude towards counterproductive behaviours, such as:

  • Absenteeism (particularly around taking sick days when they’re not really sick)
  • Theft and fraud
  • Dishonest or deceptive behaviour.

Knowing that your team has high moral and ethical values is important for any business, but it’s particularly critical if your employees have direct access to your customers’ personal data or your company’s finances. You want to trust that your people will respect your customers’ privacy and treat your company’s funds honestly.

How can screening for work reliability improve my business?

Extensive research has shown that integrity tests can predict whether a potential employee might act unethically if hired. Revelian can enable you to screen for negative attitudes and help you hire people who have a strict attitude towards wrongdoing.


This ensures new employees are inherently less likely to:

  • Steal from your company
  • Take non-genuine sick leave
  • Commit white-collar crimes
  • Engage in inappropriate workplace behaviour
  • Turn a blind eye to co-workers engaging in such behaviour.

While all of these activities cost you money and productivity, in severe cases they mean you need to dismiss the employee and start the process of finding someone new all over again. And this is all in addition to the loss of revenue, reputation damage and myriad other consequences that can come from having just one bad egg in your organisation.


With all this in mind, it simply makes sense to use a work reliability assessment to add an extra layer of protection for your business.


Integrity and reliability


Honest and ethical behaviour


54 questions


10 mins (un-timed)

How does the test work?

The Revelian Work Reliability Scale presents candidates with 54 statements and asks them to indicate the extent to which they agree or disagree with them. This assessment isn’t timed, but it typically takes around 10 minutes to complete.

How do I know I can rely on the results?

In some cases, candidates might try to answer the questions in an overly positive way.


For this reason, the assessment has a series of checks that examines if a candidate:


  • may have attempted to present a more positive image of their behaviour than is really the case
  • has answered questions in a consistent way throughout the assessment.


If an issue was identified with either of these checks during the initial completion of the assessment, the candidate will be automatically invited to complete the assessment again.

What reports will I receive?

Once your candidates or employees have completed their assessment, you will instantly receive a report detailing their outcomes. Although the psychological background behind our tests is complex, our reports are not. Easy-to-interpret graphics and clearly labeled outcomes make it easy for anyone to understand the content.


You’ll receive two different types of report:


  • An individual report outlining their performance across the whole assessment, as compared to a group of employed adults who have also completed the test
  • A position report ranking each candidate in order of their assessment results, which allows you to identify top performers quickly.

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Work Reliability Score | Revelian

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