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Does your organisation rely on the safety behaviour of its employees?

It makes perfect sense: when employees have a relaxed attitude to safety and risk-taking, they are more likely to suffer a work-related injury or cause a workplace accident. In other words, some people are more prone than others to taking risks and disregarding safety processes than others.


Having people like this on your team is obviously not ideal. Not only do they pose a danger to themselves, they also have the potential to harm your other employees or cause your organisation financial strife in the way of:


  • Property damage
  • LTIs, MTIs and paid leave
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Personal liability for directors and senior managers.

With all these issues in mind, it’s clearly in your best interests to minimise workplace accidents. While managing and removing environmental hazards is crucial strategy, a valuable next step is to only hire people who demonstrate the appropriate level of caution and respect for safety rules.


The Revelian Work Safety Assessment empowers you to do exactly this, as well as providing you with the information you need to effectively manage any high-risk employees you already have working for you.

What’s the value of a work safety assessment?

Research consistently shows that 80% of workplace incidents are caused by some form of human error. Despite this, management efforts tend to focus on improving environmental factors while widely ignoring the human ones. This is a key reason why tools like our work safety assessment are so important.


This tool enables you to screen out potentially risky candidates during your recruitment process, by identifying how likely they are to behave unsafely or condone unsafe behaviour from others.


The Revelian Work Safety Assessment also helps you understand the safety attitudes and beliefs of your existing employees. You can then use these insights to address, counter or remedy the risk-taking behaviour of your people.


These benefits make the assessment a powerful resource for developing your safety induction and training processes, as well as setting safety benchmarks specific to your company. As such, this tool is relevant to all industries (as safety is a key issue in any workplace), but it is particularly useful for:


  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Other similar industries.


Safety attitudes and beliefs


Potential safety behaviour at work


Long form: 77 questions

Short form: 49 questions


Short form: 10 mins (un-timed)

Long form: 15 mins (un-timed)

This information refers to the recruitment version of the Work Safety Assessment. View info about the employee development version here. 

Looking for an employee development version of the Safety Assessment?

How does the test work?

You can choose between the long and short forms of the Work Safety Assessment, depending on your requirements.

Short form
Long form
49 questions, approx. 10 minutes to complete 77 questions, approx. 15 minutes to complete
Safety control: does the person take personal responsibility for safety? Included Included
Risk aversion: is the person inclined to avoid risky behaviour? Included Included
Stress management: are they able to cope well with stress? Included Included
Drug aversion: do they avoid and not endorse the use of illegal drugs? Not Included Included
Attitude towards violence: can they control their responses to stress and conflict? Not Included Included

Work Safety | Revelian Express

How do I know I can rely on the results?

In some cases, candidates might try to answer the questions in an overly positive way.


For this reason, the assessment has a series of checks that examines if a candidate:


  • may have attempted to present a more positive image of their behaviour than is really the case
  • has answered questions in a consistent way throughout the assessment.


If an issue was identified with either of these checks during the initial completion of the assessment, the candidate will be automatically invited to complete the assessment again.

Work Safety | Revelian Express

What results will I receive?

After your candidates have taken the Revelian Work Safety Assessment, you’ll receive a detailed yet easy-to-understand report for each candidate, as well as a report that ranks all of your candidates in order of suitability.


To make informed decisions about each candidate, you can also compare their results with up to three normative comparison groups*:

  • Your current workforce or a particular team
  • Employed adults in general
  • A particular management level (such as graduates)
  • A particular industry group (e.g. finance, engineering, resources).

The report can illustrate a person’s results against all three of these normative groups simultaneously, giving you a handy point of reference for identifying where your candidates sit on a variety of relevant spectrums.


*The full set of comparison groups is available through our Enterprise platform and ATS integrations. In Revelian Express, only the Employed Adults group is available.

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