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Unique insights to guide all people decisions

Because people are critical to the success of your business, it’s important that decisions you make about new and existing employees are intelligent, informed and insightful.

Hiring great team members is just a part of the journey – for them and for you. Post-hire there are daily decisions that need to be made about peoples’ skills, relationships and roles. All in the context of big picture decisions about the size, structure and capacity of your business as it grows and changes.

Revelian aligns directly with your existing processes to offer effortless understanding of how people work, throughout the entire employee and business lifecycle.

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Revelian lives and breathes people analytics. We believe the best insights come from both understanding people and weighing up objective data in context. The resulting information provides a more comprehensive basis for making effective decisions about people in your business.

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HR Insights end to end

End to end, Revelian covers the entire employee and business lifecycle.

People Are Complicated

Human resource management decisions get complicated because people are complex and multi-faceted. Revelian meets this challenge by also being multi-faceted:

A unique approach – People Analytics

Drawing the best knowledge of people and data analytics together is what Revelian does differently, learn more about our unique approach.

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A combination of data sources

We enable you to collect varied but relevant information to streamline your decisions as well as make the most of existing sources of data.

How We Draw On Data

Deep and objective analysis

You can rely on Revelian, because our team use best practice approaches in psychology and data analytics, and the results are proven.

Insights We Deliver

We deliver & offer support

We don’t drown you in data without context. We get to know you and your business and support our reports with real world guidance.

Benefits & Support

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