Every business has extensive measures in place to keep their employees safe and accountable.

We can have all of the rules, policies and procedures in the world, but there will still be accidents, injuries and damage at work. These cause harm, hurt culture and cost significant funds. Many businesses simply accept this as part of their running expenses.

To reduce accidents and injuries in our workplace, developing another procedure is unlikely to reduce business costs. Our personalities drive our choices and behaviour, so we need to address the human element if we’re to improve our culture around safety. By measuring personality factors, we can identify people who are more likely to take risks, make unsafe choices and injure themselves or a colleague. Many businesses have used the Revelian Work Safety Assessment to access deep insight into their people and candidates, and their attitudes toward safety.

We collated information gathered from a range of businesses and we found that, compared to those deemed ‘low risk’, ‘high risk’ employees experienced:

  • 53% more road accidents
  • 250% more injuries requiring medical treatment
  • 350% more serious injuries
  • 220% more total injuries
  • 11% more sick days.

We also found that the cost of injuries is 39% higher for those deemed ‘high risk’ compared to ‘low risk’ employees.

After using the Revelian Work Safety Assessment for three years as part of their recruitment process, some hiring managers at a heavy machinery supplier weren’t convinced the assessment was adding value. So, we set out to find out the truth and our client wasn’t disappointed with the results.

Looking at 1243 employee records, we found that the cost per injury claim for ‘high risk’ employees was almost 8 times more than ‘low risk’ employees. And those same ‘high risk’ workers took 6 times more paid leave due to safety incidents than ‘low risk’ employees. The hiring managers didn’t need any more convincing and are now automatically screening out candidates deemed ‘high risk’ by the Revelian Work Safety Assessment.

A $100k problem-solved.

Is your business copping the costs of accidents and injuries on the chin? The Revelian Work Safety Assessment can help.
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