Flinders Port Holdings is a privately owned port, logistics and container services group based in Port Adelaide, the seaport suburb of South Australia’s state capital, Adelaide. The group owns and manages Flinders Ports, Flinders Logistics and Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal, as well as offering hydrographic survey services through HydroSurvey Australia, a division of Flinders Ports.

We understand that good business ethics make great business sense and that this benefits all our stakeholders, from investors right through to the recreational users of our ports and waterways.


  • With a growing workforce, Flinders Port Holdings wanted to keep control of the recruitment process while ensuring the quality of newly hired employees.
  • Blue collar roles in particular require a focus on safety and commitment to safe behaviour.
  • To promote retention, it was important to identify people who fit in with the values and culture of the organisation.

A streamlined process

Jodie Stevens joined Flinders Port Holdings in 2012 as HR Manager. At the same time, the company acquired the Adelaide Container Terminal, which added a maritime container business and almost doubled the workforce.

Now Group HR / Organisational Development Manager, Jodie says Revelian’s online tools have played an invaluable role in helping them manage their larger recruitment exercises. As well as significantly streamlining their processes and reducing their recruitment costs, they have allowed them to keep recruitment in-house and maintain control over the entire process.

“As a HR manager, I’m very focused on streamlined, efficient systems and processes and well-organised data. I’m a highly organised person and I like my team to be well organised and very systematic in our approach to all aspects of HR. The Revelian assessments complement those aspects of how we like to operate by providing us with objective data about all of our candidates during the hiring process.”

Ensuring a safe workforce

As you would expect, Flinders Port Holdings and the organisations they own are continually recruiting for numerous blue collar roles. And, as Jodie says, it’s critical to make sure that candidates have the right attitudes towards safe behaviour at work.

We work in a high risk industry and we need to know what people’s attitudes towards safety are. This is a great tool to assist us with measuring that. We usually conduct safety assessments prior to interview, so we can drill down in the interview about any specific areas of concern during the interview.”

Using the long form of the Revelian Work Safety Assessment allows Flinders Port Holdings to assess blue collar candidates for a range of attitudes, including safety control, risk aversion, stress management, attitudes towards violence and drug aversion.

The Revelian assessment tools provide quality data that greatly assists in targeting interview criteria to assess specific behavioural elements and clearly identifies individuals’ strengths and weaknesses, which in turn creates a significantly improved and efficient candidate selection process.

Ian Banks, Procurement Manager, Flinders Port Holdings

Identifying values, behaviours and work styles

Rather than focusing on technical competence alone, a key component of Flinders Port Holdings’ recruitment process is identifying people who will ‘fit’ with the organisation as a whole and the department they will be employed in.

“Revelian plays an invaluable role in helping us to identify candidates that share the same core values, attitude, and work style that is aligned with our organisation. It removes the ’guess work’ of recruiting someone who just ‘fits’ within the team and the organisation as a whole,”

Dean Gawler, Information Technology Manager, Flinders Port Holdings.

One of their favourite tools is the Revelian Behavioural Profile, which assesses each candidate’s behavioural styles and preferences. It helps them to understand how each person is likely to behave if hired, and how that style compares to other people they will be working with – all of which promotes better teamwork and collaboration. And it’s particularly helpful for leadership roles or roles with a high level of responsibility:

Flinders Logistics continues to use Revelian Assessments as part of our pre-employment process as it increases our likelihood of employing the best candidate. We find it especially useful when positions have inherent leadership or autonomy requirements. It is also an excellent management tool which gives our leaders a better understanding of how to work with different personality types.

Danny Sloan, Manager, Logistics, Flinders Port Holdings

The future

While Jodie is happy with the streamlined, systematic approach they have adopted to manage their recruitment process effectively, she is also keen to explore adding additional products to add further rigour. In particular, she is looking at the Emotional Intelligence Test for leadership roles, and Video Interviewing to reduce candidate screening time and costs. And Revelian is looking forward to continuing to work with Jodie to help her, her team and their hiring managers identify the best people to hire at Flinders Port Holdings.