Independent studies confirm Cognify as a reliable – and desirable – recruitment assessment

As with all of Revelian’s psychometric assessments, Cognify went through a stringent research and development process. We conducted a number of different validation studies to ensure that the games accurately and reliably measured the construct they were supposed to measure (cognitive ability) and that each game contributed to scoring in unique and statistically significant ways.

Cognify has also received external endorsements in the form of a 2016 win in the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge, and from several independent studies.

Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (Australasia) 2016

Cognify was the winner of this award in the Government/Industry category, and went on to represent the Australasian area in the International Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (SGS&C) in Orlando, Florida. While it didn’t take away the award internationally, it did attract plenty of interest from military and commercial sectors who were impressed by the game’s simplicity and broad appeal as an effective and engaging way to reliably assess candidates for employment.

Here’s what the official judging panel had to say:

“Easy to follow and very engaging, in spite of them being cognitive tests! Great job.”

“Beneath the hood, it’s a sophisticated psychometric evaluation tool with a rich suite of underlying assessment tools. This is an ideal domain for psychometric evaluations and it’s surprising there aren’t more of them.”

“Fantastic implementation of psychological assessment measures within a game format – makes testing approachable to the user and removes the potential intimidation factor of performance evaluation. Highly enjoyable – legitimately fun and challenging.”

Workplace Excellence Awards 2018

Cognify was awarded the Emerging Directions in Organisational Psychology, Workplace Excellence Award in October 2018. Evaluated by an independent judging panel of Senior Organisational Psychologists. Cognify was evaluated on the basis of:

  • Innovation in design and application
  • Utilisation of psychological knowledge
  • Organisational impact
  • Sustainability
  • Demonstration of thought leadership
  • Using psychology to create new, different and novel organisational interventions.

The judges commented that:

“Revelian have applied a very robust approach to the design of their assessments, drawing on the combined expertise of psychologists and software engineers and programmers.”

“Excellent research and utilisation of knowledge in application.”

“It is one thing to conceive an idea such as this, but it is another to bring together a team of experts that can construct an assessment whilst maintaining integrity through strong reliability and validity.”

Independent Study: Multinational Tech Company

A large multinational tech company conducted an independent validation study with current new hires in the United States to see how Cognify compared to their own cognitive ability assessment, whether it could accurately predict performance, and how employees felt about it as a recruitment tool.

Their most significant findings were that:

  1. Cognify significantly predicted new hire success in the focus areas of technical expertise, problem solving, learning and agility for a group of US employees.
  2. Gender had no impact on performance, with results consistent among males and females
  3. Cognify attracted favorable feedback from participants:
  4. Positively impacting their perception of the company
  5. Positively influencing their decision to accept a job offer
  6. Motivating them to recommend applying for a job with the company to others.
  7. Cognify provides a very effective measure of cognitive ability, consistent with the organisation’s existing cognitive ability assessment

“It was great to see Cognify’s ability to predict success in key areas for our new hires. Combined with very favourable reactions to the game experience and shorter testing times than traditional cognitive assessments, it is a positive step forward for industry in the assessment of cognitive ability.”

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Independent Study: Dr. Richard Landers, Old Dominion University

Dr Richard Landers is an Associate Professor of Industrial/Organisational Psychology at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. His study examined Cognify data against a number of separate ability tests, as well as Cognify’s ability to assess General Mental/Cognitive Ability (GMA, GCA or g). Some of the study’s more significant findings were that:

  1. Test takers preferred Cognify over traditional ability assessments, both in general and as part of a job application
  2. Cognify was perceived by study participants to be a fairer assessment than a GCA test
  3. Cognify assessed g as well or better than many standalone cognitive ability tests

“The justice finding, in particular, is amazing – our sample thought it would be fairer to be assessed with Cognify than with a cognitive ability test battery if a job were on the line. This is directly contradictory to the worry about games making job applications “less serious” and applicants being angry about not being taken seriously; it seems the opposite is true, at least among those fairly recently entering and just about to enter the workforce in the US.” – Dr. Richard Landers

Richard Landers from Old Dominion University

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