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People Recruitment Group and its specialist divisions Sportspeople Recruitment and People Recruitment has partnered with Revelian to provide you with access to a range of online assessments for both recruitment and employee development.

Revelian Express gives you immediate access to the insights that are critical in making better people decisions, all through an online, pay-as-you-go testing platform with no-contracts.

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Assessments to help you identify the best people

 Get access to all of Revelian’s most popular recruitment and development assessments to use when and how you need them.

Cognify (Game based Aptitude)

Enhanced game design and technology to assess cognitive ability.

Emotify (Game based EI)

An interactive measure of emotional intelligence, perception and understanding

Cognitive Ability Test

Uncover the secret to hiring smarter people.

Skills tests

New range of essential skills tests available in 2021

Workplace Safety Profile (WSP)

Assess attitudes and beliefs to safety at work to identify candidates who are less likely to take risks, disregard safety procedures and condone unsafe behaviour from others.


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Over 900+ recruitment assessments and 3 in-depth development assessments

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The system recommends the most appropriate assessments for each position. It’s like having an organisational psychologist in your pocket!

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Access a vast library of videos, eLearning modules, FAQs, guides and help content for both you and your candidates and employees

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