Measure abstract reasoning ability

Assess the ability to solve conceptual problems by identifying relationships and analysing patterns.

Predict abstract aspects of job performance

Results from the Abstract Reasoning Test predict each candidate’s capacity to effectively solve complex problems.

32 questions

Candidates will complete up to 32 questions that will measure their ability to accurately process abstract information.


The Abstract Reasoning Test is timed and will take candidates 10 minutes to complete.

Why bother with an abstract reasoning test?

Abstract reasoning has strong links to job performance in roles requiring the ability to make decisions using conceptual information.

Think outside the box

Many roles require a high level of abstract ability. Abstract reasoning is most relevant to occupations where a high level of problem-solving skills are required, where candidates must learn new information quickly and develop creative ideas. Abstract reasoning becomes more important as a predictor of job performance as the complexity of the job increases. However, abstract reasoning is useful for any occupation, as it is a good indicator of potential.

A candidate who aces the Abstract Reasoning Test is likely to:

  • grasp concepts quickly-even those which are new, ambiguous or complicated
  • develop creative ideas and come up with innovative solutions
  • solve problems effectively using non-verbal communication
  • make sound, logical decisions based on abstract information.

Experience the Abstract Reasoning Test

Get a better picture of candidate aptitude

Abstract or achievable?

For roles requiring the ability to use problem-solving skills to make informed decisions.

Specific aptitude theory proposes that specific abilities, such as abstract reasoning, are important in employee selection as performance in different jobs requires different specialist abilities. Research has demonstrated abstract reasoning to be an excellent predictor of job performance and training success. Therefore, the abstract reasoning test is vital when choosing candidates for roles requiring the ability to solve complex problems and constantly learn and apply new skills.

Revelian Abstract Reasoning Example Question Image

Varied reasoning questions and randomised streaming

Our assessment includes a diverse mixture of question types, delivered using randomised streaming.

Each candidate sits a unique test with 32 randomly generated questions, delivered through our Linear-on-the-Fly (LOFT) item-streaming software. With this system in place, candidates cannot copy other people or memorise the correct answers. This ensures the results you receive are a fair and accurate representation of each applicant’s ability to work with abstract information.

Revelian Example Report Abstract Reasoning Comparison Norms

Vigorous assessment

The assessment accurately measures each candidate’s abstract reasoning ability.

Most candidates won’t complete all 32 questions within the 10-minute time limit. The time limit ensures the candidate is placed under some pressure, just as they will be in the workplace. Unlike verbal or numerical reasoning, the results from this assessment aren’t affected by the candidate’s mathematical or linguistic abilities. Therefore, the results of the assessment can easily distinguish the candidates with the strongest abstract reasoning skills.

Unlock the potential

Assess your candidates’ abstract reasoning for crucial insights.

Easy, informative and powerful results

The results reflect the candidate’s ability to acquire, retain and organise abstract information to solve problems.

Candidates will receive a percentage score which indicates the proportion of the comparison group(s) that they exceeded. There is also the ability to receive a report that ranks all of your candidates in order of suitability.

You can compare your candidate’s results with up to three normative comparison groups:

  • your current workforce or a particular team
  • a general population
  • a particular management level (such as graduates)
  • a particular industry group (e.g. finance, engineering, resources).

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Find your future problem solvers

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