Measure behaviour and communication styles

Anticipate workplace behaviour by understanding personality orientation and preferred communication style.

Predict behaviour at work

Identify personality fit against core role requirements and existing team dynamics.

24 questions

Participants nominate which of four sets of behavioural descriptors is most (and least) indicative of their style.


This assessment can be completed in 10 minutes.

Fit for the role, and the team

Receive deep insight into each person’s unique behavioural style and their fit for both the role, and your team.

Know what new hires will be like before they start

We already know the best predictor of future job performance is a person’s level of cognitive ability. But this can be undermined if your new employees don’t have the right behavioural style for the role, or don’t fit in well with your existing team.

Based on the proven DISC model, the Behavioural Profile is a quick and simple, yet uncannily accurate, assessment of a person’s behavioural tendencies, preferred work, communication, and decision-making styles.

It gives you invaluable information about how a person will behave if you hire them, so you can assess how well their personality fits the role requirements.

Experience Revelian’s Behavioural Profile

A brief, practical personality assessment

Anticipate behaviour at work

The Revelian Behavioural Profile delivers a comprehensive profile of personality and behaviour.

Candidates are assessed on likely response to problems and challenges, how they influence others, respond to the pace of the environment, and approach rules and procedures.

This insight can help you understand the natural strengths they bring to the role, the value they can add to the organisation and the behaviours you’re likely to see.

Revelian Behavioural Profile Example Question Image

Identify strengths and development areas

Leverage natural strengths and better manage opportunities for development.

People who understand themselves well in terms of their strengths and weaknesses are most effective in the workplace. The Behavioural Profile provides useful information relating to a person’s strengths and development areas, and can be used to assist people to adapt to their environment.

By understanding an individual’s natural behavioural preferences, and those that require more effort, you’re better equipped to maximise their fulfillment and success in the role and their contribution to your organisation.

Revelian Behavioural Profile Example Team Role Report Image

Fit for purpose

Recruitment and development versions available.

Different versions of the Behavioural Profile are available, so you can assess both new employees and current employees fairly and confidently.

The recruitment version provides a snapshot of personality and preferred styles, which are useful in informing interview questions and as an on-boarding tool.

The development version provides more information about each person’s unique preferences and specifically addresses their development needs and motivators.

Revelian Behavioural Profile Example Report Image

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    We use the RBP tool across our whole business. It's an integral part of our HR process across areas such as team-building, performance management, and mentoring and coaching.

    Tash Macknish, Data#3

More effective teamwork

Pre-empt and resolve conflict and personality clashes

Simple, practical reporting

Easy-to-interpret graphics and clearly labelled outcomes.

Although the psychological background behind our tests is complex, our reports are not. The Revelian Behavioural Profile report provides a concise profile of the individual’s preferences and decision-making style, and a clear road map on how to best manage an employee and help them reach their full potential.

Robust results

Automatic checking for inconsistent responses.

The assessment addresses four main behavioural styles and the unique characteristics associated with each, and automatically checks for inconsistent responses. And like all Revelian assessments, the 12-month no re-sit policy applies to ensure you’re getting accurate results which are not biased by the practice effect.

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