Measure cognitive ability

Assess general cognitive ability— also known as general mental ability (GMA) or aptitude.

Predict performance

Predict how well someone will acquire, organise, retain and apply information on the job.

51 questions

Candidates complete up to 51 verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning questions.


The Cognitive Ability Test is timed and takes 20 minutes to complete.

Cognitive ability is worth investigating

A person’s cognitive ability is a powerful predictor of their future work performance and how suitable they are for the job.

Proven to predict future job performance

More than 100 years of research has clearly shown cognitive ability to be the single most powerful predictor of performance on the job, across all roles, industries and management levels.

This is because a person’s cognitive ability reflects how well they will acquire, organise, retain and apply information on the job. People with high levels of cognitive ability can:

  • perform work tasks more accurately and efficiently
  • make decisions more effectively
  • use reasoning skills and solve problems
  • respond intelligently to new or complex circumstances.

Investing in cognitive ability testing empowers you, as a hiring manager, recruiter or business owner, to make clever decisions when filing positions. This means your business will have a greater chance of increasing overall performance and decreasing involuntary employee turnover.

Experience the Cognitive Ability Test

Be smart about the intelligence of your people

Assess verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning

Each test includes a variety of questions, delivered via randomised streaming.

Candidates will complete a set of up to 51 questions that measure their verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning ability. The questions become increasingly more difficult as the assessment progresses, as they are delivered using our Linear-On-the-Fly-Testing (LOFT) randomised question streaming method. This means that no two candidates will ever receive the same questions, giving you confidence in their individual results.

Revelian Cognitive Ability Numerical Example Question Image

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    In the pantheon of 31 personnel measures... [general cognitive ability] occupies a special place for several reasons. First, it has the highest validity and lowest application cost. Second, the research evidence for the validity of [cognitive ability] measures for predicting job performance is stronger than that for any other method. Third, [cognitive ability] has been shown to be the best available predictor of job-related learning. Fourth, the theoretical foundation of [cognitive ability] is stronger than for any other personnel measure.

    Frank Schmidt

Unlock the potential

Boost your organisation’s cognitive ability

Easy, informative and powerful results

The reports indicate each candidate’s level of overall cognitive ability.

Although our assessments have been developed and reviewed by registered psychologists, our reports are designed for easy interpretation by managers.

You’ll receive a position report that includes a ranked list of candidates based on their assessment results, which makes it quick and easy to identify who to progress to the next round in your recruitment process.

For further insight you’ll also receive an individual report for each candidate that outlines their performance.

Revelian Example Report Suitability Score

Select the most relevant comparison groups

Comparison groups give results meaning and context.

On its own, a candidate’s assessment score doesn’t give you much information about how they compare to other candidates, your own employees, or a relevant industry or job level cohort.

For this reason, you can select from a number of different comparison groups to give you a clearer picture of how each candidate stacks up against others. For Revelian Express customers, all candidates will be compared to a general comparison group. For our Enterprise customers, you can choose up to three of the following groups:

  • a group of your own employees (via a benchmarking exercise conducted by Revelian)
  • a relevant industry group, such as engineering, call centre, legal profession and HR
  • a specific job level, such as graduates, entry-level managers and senior managers
  • a general comparison group

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