Measure emotional intelligence interactively

Assesses key aspects of emotional intelligence: emotional perception and emotional understanding.

Suitable for all roles

Especially useful for roles in which interpersonal interaction is an important factor.

Two mini-games

Two separate ability-based mini-assessments.


Both mini-assessments can be completed in 20 minutes.

Interactive design and proven psychometrics

Emotify is one of the world’s few ability‑based measures of emotional intelligence (EI), combining the fun of interactivity with the rigour of a traditional psychometric test.

Robust results and a great candidate experience

Employees with high emotional intelligence tend to be more productive, more stable, better at communicating and solving problems, and easier to work with. There’s no doubt that this is an important characteristic to measure—especially for roles in which interpersonal interaction is important.

Emotify allows you to measure emotional intelligence in a way that provides useful, trustworthy information to the hiring manager. It also creates an engaging experience for candidates, in half the time taken by a traditional emotional intelligence test.

The two mini-assessments, Matching Faces and Emotional Ties, assess a candidate’s ability to accurately perceive emotions and effectively understand the connections between emotions, and situations that lead to specific emotional reactions.

Device agnostic

Emotify uses a device agnostic approach and natively displays in common browsers without the need to download any additional plugins or settings to ensure that all candidates have a positive and frictionless testing experience no matter the operating system, device type or size.

Experience Emotify

Measure emotional intelligence interactively, using any device.

Measure emotional perception

In Matching Faces, the candidate is required to quickly identify the emotion displayed on a person’s face. This requires the candidate to accurately decode emotional signals in facial expressions and select the most appropriate “match” to the emotion on display.

  • Matching faces 

    Choose the face that matches the emotion.

Measure emotional understanding

In Emotional Ties, the candidate needs to read a number of everyday situations and predict the types of emotional consequences that may arise as a result of these situations

  • Emotional ties

    Identify the emotion associated with everyday situations

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Detailed and Insightful Reporting

Each candidate will receive an overall percentile ranking, which indicates their relative performance compared to others who have taken the assessment. For example, a percentile ranking of 62 means that the candidate’s score was higher than 62% of the group on which the test was normed.

The candidate’s percentile ranking is displayed at the top right of the report, and also in the Results Details section. The text below describes the degree to which the candidate can perceive and understand emotions, based on their percentile score.

You’ll also see details of the candidate’s scores across each of the two areas assessed by Emotify: perceiving emotions and understanding emotions.

As with all of our reports, results are instant and you can view each candidate’s score report as soon as they complete the assessment.

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    “Fun, creative, different, challenging and felt like a better and more comfortable way to measure my skills.”

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    “Getting to understand others’ emotions in the workplace can really help to understand people. I think it was a great exercise and will be an ideal test to help someone to understand peoples’ different emotions”

Measure emotional intelligence interactively

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