Measure personality and interaction preferences

Anticipate workplace behaviour by understanding personality and preferred interaction styles.

Predict behaviour and role fit

Get valuable insights into how well each person’s personality traits match the traits associated with success in a particular job family.

140 questions

Participants complete 140 items that measure twelve personality traits.


This assessment is not timed and can be completed in only 10 minutes.

Personality tests predict success

Personality tests help to predict “job fit”. People with a strong job fit are more at ease and more likely to excel at their work.

Know what new hires will be like before they start

We already know that the best predictor of future job performance is a person’s level of cognitive ability. But this can be undermined if your new employees don’t have the right personality for the role and won’t feel comfortable in the job.

The Employee Personality Profile (EPP) is a quick, simple – yet uncannily accurate – assessment of how a person will behave and interact in the workplace. It’s based on the “Big Five” or “Five Factor” model of personality classification and measures 12 traits: Achievement, Assertiveness, Competitiveness, Conscientiousness, Cooperativeness, Extroversion, Managerial, Motivation, Openness, Patience, Self-Confidence and Stress Tolerance.

It gives you invaluable information about how a person will behave if you hire them and helps you to understand how well their personality fits the role requirements.

Add the Employee Personality Profile to your recruitment process

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Compare candidates against job-specific profiles

See how well your candidates’ traits compare with job success profiles

Looking for a patient and reliable customer service representative? Need an intellectually curious analyst who loves solving problems? Or a cooperative and conscientious administration assistant?

The EPP gives you a clear and reliable picture of how your candidates prefer to behave and interact at work, which is critical information for every role. It gives you a high-level snapshot of each candidate across the 12 personality traits, so you know what to expect when you hire someone.

On top of this, the assessment also tells you how well their personality traits match the traits of successful performers across particular job families or groups. We’ve created position-specific benchmarks by analysing data across tens of thousands of people, and the EPP report indicates how well each candidate’s personality traits match the selected benchmark. This means you can see at a glance how well suited they are for a role and also identify any gaps or areas for future development.

Identify employees who are more likely to be successful

When employees have a good job fit, they’re more likely to excel

It’s no surprise that when people enjoy the kind of work they do, they’re more likely to be engaged, successful and productive. So, when their traits match the traits that are linked to successful performance in a role – such as competitiveness, achievement and extroversion for sales roles – they’re going to feel more at ease and comfortable in their job. In turn, this leads to:

  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced turnover
  • Improved retention
  • Reduced hiring costs.

Experience the Employee Personality Profile.

Measure personality and interaction preferences.

Simple, useful score reports

Each candidate’s report indicates their overall fit with the selected job family, and a score breakdown for each of the 12 traits assessed by the EPP. You can also see how well their individual traits match against the trait profiles of a particular job family (shown in green).

Suggested interview questions

Based on each candidate’s responses and the benchmark selected, the report also includes a set of tailored behavioural interview questions to help you better understand their personality and how they’ve approached different situations and challenges in the workplace.

Scientifically validated

Extensively validated as highly predictive of job performance.

The EPP has been rigorously validated to ensure that it accurately and reliably assesses personality and predicts performance on the job. As well as being based on the widely respected “Big Five” model of personality, we’ve also compared it with numerous measures of personality characteristics and found it to have strong construct validity.

In addition, we’ve demonstrated the predictive validity of the EPP through the tens of thousands of test sittings and multiple validation studies that show significant correlations between EPP traits and performance on the job.

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