Measure cognitive aptitude

Assess critical thinking, problem solving ability, attention to detail and ability to learn new information.

Predict future work performance

Evaluate the critical factors that contribute to on-the-job performance.

3 mini-games

Candidates complete 3 short mini-games on any device.


This assessment is timed and takes 5-6 minutes to complete.

Mobile-first, game-based, scientifically validated

Aptitude assessments don’t have to be boring to be scientifically proven. General Aptitude Mobile Evaluation (GAME) measures cognitive aptitude quickly, accurately and (dare we say it) enjoyably.

Evaluate critical contributors to on-the-job performance

GAME is a mobile-first, game-based assessment of cognitive ability, the single most powerful predictor of performance on the job. This interactive assessment evaluates many of the critical factors that contribute to on-the-job performance, including critical thinking, problem solving ability, attention to detail, and the ability to learn and apply new information.

Presented as 3 short mini-games consisting of 40 questions each, the GAME is ideal for assessing cognitive ability early in the recruitment process, and well-suited to roles such as retail sales, trainees and apprentices, contact centre, and graduate intakes. It’s appropriate for any role requiring:

  • Accurate and efficient task performance
  • Effective decision-making
  • Problem-solving and reasoning skills
  • Intelligent responses to new or complex circumstances.

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Positive candidate experience

GAME provides your candidates with a brand positive, mobile, anywhere, anytime test of their abilities. Because GAME is a mobile game-based assessment that is intended to be taken on any current-or recent-generation smartphone, tablet, or computer, candidates can take GAME at their convenience – anywhere, anytime. This flexibility, combined with the interactive nature of the assessment and its brevity, has positive impacts on completion rates and candidate enjoyment of the test.

Introducing GAME into your recruitment process makes it easy and affordable to test applicants up front in the hiring process while creating a brand-positive experience for your candidates. It allows you to gather predictive insights on your talent pool while cultivating a positive, innovative image for your employer brand. Win-win.

Scientifically validated

Strong correlation with traditional aptitude assessments.

GAME has been extensively validated with data collected from in excess of 200,000 test-takers, confirming that this test is highly predictive of job performance for a wide variety of roles. Results from GAME are also highly correlated with other more traditional cognitive ability assessments such as the Cognitive Aptitude Test, which has been administered more than 5 million times.

The validation process for GAME included confirmation reliability (consistency), construct validity and score standardisation to determine normative data.

Inject some fun into your recruitment process

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Straightforward, useful score reports

Each individual who has completed GAME is given a percentile ranking, which indicates their relative performance compared to others who have taken the test. For example, a percentile ranking of 65 means that an individual scored better than 65% of the group on which the test was normed.

Percentile scores are provided for each mini-game, as well as an overall summary score. Role-based comparisons are provided for a range of popular roles, helping you compare the candidate’s percentile score with the typical range for each role.

As with all our assessments, results are instant, and you can view your candidates’ score reports as soon as they complete the assessment.

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