Measure mechanical aptitude

Test ability to learn machinery operation.

Test mechanical reasoning

Assess ability to learn how to repair, maintain and install equipment.

30 questions

Candidates complete 30 questions.


This assessment is timed for 15 minutes.

Assess mechanical aptitude – anywhere, any time

A brief, extensively validated evaluation of mechanical reasoning, which can be taken on any device.

Appropriate for a wide range of job roles

The Mechanical Reasoning Assessment (CMRA) can predict future performance for a wide range of job roles where the operation, maintenance, and repair of equipment and machinery is required. It’s ideally suited to positions such as machinery operators, electricians, construction workers, field service technicians, mechanics and more, and is a great addition to an apprentice intake process.

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Accurate Predictor of Job Success

Cognitive aptitude assessments like the CMRA have been proven time and again to be one of the most accurate predictors of future job success: twice as accurate as interviews, three times as accurate as experience and four times more accurate than education. Adding the CMRA to a well-rounded recruitment process will give you the full picture on your next hire.


Mitigate Bias

Validated to reduce gender bias

The CMRA has been rigorously validated, giving you confidence that the test is highly predictive of job performance in any role requiring the operation, maintenance and repair of equipment or machinery. In addition, particular attention was given to reducing adverse impact along gender lines. Reading level for the CMRA is estimated to be at upper primary school level, and the content is designed to minimise gender and racial/ethnic bias. The CMRA has demonstrably less adverse impact than other tests of mechanical aptitude.

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Instant results, practical reports

Powerful information in an easy to understand format.

The CMRA report is designed for easy interpretation by hiring managers, and provides powerful information about each candidate’s mechanical reasoning ability and mechanical aptitude, including:

  • Raw Score: indicating the number of questions answered correctly
  • Percentile rank: indicating how each individual scored relative to others who have completed the CMRA, including a comparison to common positions the test is used for
  • Score ranges by position: See how your candidates’ scores compare to recommended ranges for common roles

Test results are available as soon as the candidate has completed their assessment.

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