Measure numerical reasoning ability

Assess the ability to understand numerical relationships and to reason using numbers.

Predict numerical aspects of job performance

Results from the Numerical Reasoning Test predict each candidate’s capacity to effectively solve numerical problems.

25 questions

Candidates will complete up to 25 questions that will utilise their ability to accurately process numerical information.


The Numerical Reasoning Test is timed and will take candidates 12 minutes to complete.

Why bother with a numerical reasoning test?

Numerical reasoning has strong links to job performance in a variety of roles requiring the ability to work with numbers.

Crunching the numbers

Numerical reasoning is especially important in jobs that require people to process large amounts of data, such as complex technical jobs and managerial roles. Numerical reasoning becomes more important as a predictor of job performance as the complexity of the job increases. However, even if you don’t need an employee who can find the value of X in an algebraic equation, this test can help you differentiate your candidates in a valuable way.

The Revelian Numerical Reasoning Test is an excellent predictor of job performance for a wide variety of positions. A person who achieves a high score in this assessment is more likely to:

  • quickly grasp numerical concepts
  • effectively solve problems using numerical information
  • make sound, logical decisions involving numbers.

Experience the Numerical Reasoning Test

Easily calculate your candidate’s numerical reasoning skills

Let the numbers do the talking

Measure how candidates comprehend quantitative and numerical concepts.

Specific aptitude theory proposes that specific abilities, such as numerical reasoning, are important in employee selection as performance in different jobs requires different specialist abilities. Research has demonstrated numerical reasoning to be an excellent predictor of job performance and training success. Therefore, the numerical reasoning test is vital when choosing candidates for roles requiring the ability to use and work with numbers.

Revelian Numerical Reasoning Example Question Image

Varied reasoning questions and randomised streaming

Our assessment includes a diverse mixture of question types, delivered using randomised streaming.

Each candidate sits a unique test with 25 randomly generated questions, delivered through our Linear-on-the-Fly (LOFT) item-streaming software. With this system in place, candidates cannot copy other people or memorise the correct answers. This ensures the results you receive are a fair and accurate representation of each applicant’s ability to work with numbers.

Revelian Numerical Reasoning Example Report Comparison Score

Vigorous assessment

The assessment accurately measures each candidate’s numerical reasoning ability.

Questions get gradually more difficult as the candidate progresses through the assessment. Most candidates won’t complete all 25 questions within the 12-minute time limit. This ensures the applicant is being tested on how accurately and how quickly they can respond to numerical questions and solve mathematical problems. Therefore, the results of the assessment can easily distinguish the candidates with the strongest numerical reasoning skills.

Unlock the potential

Guarantee your candidates possess strong numerical reasoning skills

Easy, informative and powerful results

The reports indicate each candidate’s level of overall numerical reasoning ability.

Although our assessments have been developed and reviewed by registered psychologists, our reports are designed for easy interpretation by managers.

You’ll receive a position report that includes a ranked list of candidates based on their assessment results, which makes it quick and easy to identify who to progress to the next round in your recruitment process.

For further insight you’ll also receive an individual report for each candidate that outlines their performance.

Select the most relevant comparison groups

Comparison groups give results meaning and context.

On its own, a candidate’s assessment score doesn’t give you much information about how they compare to other candidates, your own employees, or a relevant industry or job level cohort.

For this reason, you can select from a number of different comparison groups to give you a clearer picture of how each candidate stacks up against others. For Revelian Express customers, all candidates will be compared to a general comparison group. For our Enterprise customers, you can choose up to three of the following groups:

  • a group of your own employees (via a benchmarking exercise conducted by Revelian)
  • a relevant industry group, such as engineering, call centre, legal profession and HR
  • a specific job level, such as graduates, entry-level managers and senior managers
  • a general group of employed adults.

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