Measure skills and abilities

Assess candidates for the key, on-the-job skills required for the role.

Workplace outcomes

Reduced training requirements, faster onboarding and increased productivity.

900+ skills tests

Assess a broad range of technical (e.g. Microsoft Office) or role-specific skills.


Most skills tests take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Skills to get the job done well

Sometimes candidates can exaggerate their skills in resumes and interviews, so it’s important to check they have the right skills to perform the role effectively.

Developed by industry experts

Our technical skills tests are developed and validated by industry experts, and they examine real-life scenarios and skills that will be required on the job. They’re relevant for all role types, including entry-level administration, logistics and trades roles, through to high-level programming languages and software suites. The type of report you’ll receive can change depending on the nature of the test. But in most cases, you’ll see a detailed breakdown of each question showing how long the candidate spent on it, its level of difficulty, the proportion of correct answers and a comparison to global averages.

Experience skill tests

More than 900 industry-validated skills tests.

Fact or fiction?

Does the candidate have the skills to do the work?

Studies show around 85 per cent of employers have caught candidates exaggerating their level of skill or experience in a resume or interview, because they believe no-one will follow it up. Skills tests give you clear insight to their real-world skills, so you can be confident in their ability to complete the requirements of the role.

Enhance Hiring Efficiency

Focus your time on the skilled candidates.

Hiring can be a time-consuming process. Find out early whether your candidates are eligible to progress further in your recruitment process with fast and inexpensive testing solutions—so you can focus your time on those candidates who are best placed to do the job well.

Reduce up-skilling costs

Clearly, if particular skills are essential for the role, then hiring someone without those skills means lower productivity. If a gap is discovered, then it’s a difficult choice: continue as you are, redistribute the work, go back to the market, or spend time and money up-skilling your new employees to the level you require. By objectively evaluating skill proficiencies early in the hiring process, you’ll avoid additional unwanted costs down the track.

Have confidence in their real-world skills

You can get started right away with Revelian Express or contact us to find the right solution for you.

Full list of skills tests

Be confident in their competencies

You can get started with our technical skills assessments right away with Revelian Express or contact us to find the right solution for you.

Find the right combination of assessments for you


Enhanced game design and technology to assess cognitive ability.

Work Safety

Mitigate and manage safety risk.

Behavioural Profile

Identify behavioural fit for the role and team.

Cognitive Ability Test

Uncover the secret to hiring smarter people.