Measure critical mental abilities

Assess mental agility, attention, cognitive speed, spatial aptitude, and numerical processing ability.

Predict future job performance

Results from Theme Park Hero allow you to predict how candidates will perform on the job.

Four mini-games

Instead of using questions, Theme Park Hero gathers insightful results through candidates’ game performance.


It will take candidates approximately 10 minutes to complete all of the games included in Theme Park Hero.

Harnessing the fun of a theme park

Our very first game-based assessment, Theme Park Hero, is revolutionising the way businesses hire new employees.

Not all fun and games

While the game is bright and fun on the surface, there are some serious psychometrics going on behind the scenes. This makes the testing more enjoyable for candidates while still providing you with the detailed data you need to choose the best person for the job.

Theme Park Hero captures multiple data streams so you get comprehensive insights into each candidate’s abilities and preferences-all through a brief, fun and engaging package.

The game takes advantage of strong, well-established psychometric properties and offers a rich and positive recruitment experience for candidates.

Experience Theme Park Hero

The future of game-based assessment is here

Not just a game

A more enjoyable candidate experience.

Despite being a 10-minute investment of candidate time, the narrative is deep and engaging, with games becoming more difficult as players move through the game.

A fully guided tutorial introduces candidates to the game and ensures they know how to succeed. Actions are measured in real time so players receive instant feedback throughout the game of how well they’re going.

  • Short Circuit

    Fix the circuit boards, (and repair the roller coaster), by reconstructing the rotated layouts.

  • Tricky Tokens

    Test out a new arcade game and quickly identify which group of tokens has the highest value.

An engaging game experience

Theme Park Hero is changing the way candidates sit assessments.

During the game, each candidate takes on the role of park manager. Their job is to keep the park operating effectively and solving any problems that arise. During the ‘day’ (about 10 minutes of real time), they will complete several tasks 

  • pop specific labelled balloons for a special event
  • plan and construct a new water park attraction
  • calculate the values of various token combinations
  • fix a broken rollercoaster.
  • Balloon Blast

    Pop floating balloons while ignoring a variety of distractors.

  • Make a Splash

    Create designs for a new water park by solving puzzles of increasing difficulty.

Rigorous assessment

Underpinned by sound psychometric science.

The mini-games are inspired by traditional psychometric tests. While the game tasks might sound like a bit of light fun, they work in the same way as traditional psychometric assessments.

Each task measures different aptitudes, and taken as a whole, the game provides you with a valid and reliable indication of each candidate’s mental agility, attention, cognitive speed, spatial aptitude and numerical processing ability.


Reliable results, every time

12-month no re-sit policy.

We don’t allow candidates to sit the same test within 12 months, so no one has the advantage of practising. This means you can be sure the results from every candidate are accurate, reliable and can be compared fairly.

Set yourself up as the employer of choice

Give your candidates a rich, immersive experience

Easily compare all candidate results

The position report ranks each candidate in order of their scores on Theme Park Hero, so you can easily see which candidates have higher levels of overall cognitive ability and are therefore more likely to perform effectively on the job.

Get detailed insight into each candidate

You’ll also receive an individual report for each candidate outlining their overall score, as well as information about the kinds of on-the-job behaviour you can expect from them based on their assessment scores.

Experience the future of assessment today

You can try Theme Park Hero today with Revelian Express or contact us to find the right solution for you.


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