Measure basic typing skills

Assess typing speed and accuracy

Task-based test

Candidates type a passage of text


The test takes 1 minute (timed)

Need candidates who can type well?

Use this assessment to identify candidates with solid typing skills.

Identify candidates who can type quickly and accurately

These days, many roles require typing skills, whether it’s for data entry, clerical work, note taking, transcribing or translating. This test helps you to measure your candidates’ typing speed and accuracy, so you don’t need to spend time providing additional training. You can also create your own typing test using our TestMaker tool.

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Clear, immediate reports

View scores at a glance

Reports include

  • Words per minute (WPM)
  • Number of errors
  • Adjusted words per minute (WPM – errors)
  • Percentile (candidate’s score compared to other candidates)

You’ll receive each candidate’s test results as soon as they complete their assessment.

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