Create a structured interview process that is objective, fair, and minimises bias. Tap into talent across all backgrounds using world-first diversity, equality & inclusion features that help you attract and build a more diverse workforce.

Meet candidates at scale

With one-way video interviewing, you can zip through your candidate selection process in a fraction of the time. Replace a 20-minute phone screen with a 5-minute video review and you complete your screening process 75% faster.


Expand your reach

Decrease time to hire

Pinpoint talent faster

Diversify your talent pipeline

Compare candidates fairly using world-first inclusive hiring tools. Tap into a structured interviewing process that evaluates candidates objectively and supports candidates with diverse and neurodiverse needs. 


Run a true blind recruitment process

Put performance first by taking personal information out of the screening process. Use world-first diversity and inclusion tools to mask personal details, turn off the candidate’s video, and disguise voice to minimise biases around ethnicity, appearance, and gender. 

Accommodate anybody 

Welcome diverse and neurodiverse candidates by creating an inclusive hiring process that embraces a wide range of thinking styles and provides the opportunity for everyone to apply, regardless of their background or circumstances. 

Build a unique candidate experience by making reasonable adjustments at the candidate level. Give them every opportunity to participate and put them at ease by providing multiple retake opportunities, extra time to prepare and/or respond to questions, or an extended deadline.  


Evaluate candidates fairly and objectively 

Compare candidates objectively by assessing them with a clear and standardised rating system. Develop a standardised evaluation guide for each role and provide clear instructions for evaluators to assess candidates consistently.  

It’s also easy to reduce groupthink bias, by encouraging independent collaboration. Evaluators won’t see other evaluators’ ratings and comments during the review process, so they can make their own assessment without being influenced by the opinions of others. 


Make the best impression

Never miss an opportunity to engage with and delight your candidates. Provide a rich brand-immersive experience with intro videos that promote your employer brand and questions from real people. Put candidates at ease and give them every opportunity to shine. Provide the option to enable practice questions, offer retakes, and give them the convenience to complete the interview at their convenience. 

  • Offer a simple, engaging candidate experience
  • Promote your employer value proposition 
  • Humanise your screening process 


Create immersive, situational-based assessments 

Assess who can perform the role based on real work scenarios. Immerse your candidates in a role and gather insights on how they approach specific situations and undertake a task.

  • Immerse candidates in real work scenarios
  • Design situational judgment assessments 
  • Provide real-life job previews  


Get a stronger talent signal

Deliver structured video interviews alongside Revelian’s assessments to make more informed talent decisions. Evaluate video interviews, compare candidate assessment scores, and review insights all in the one place. You’ll save time and get the context you need to make objective, data-driven talent decisions.  

  • Reduce the risk of mishires
  • Improve job fit 
  • Enhance job performance 


Make remote hiring and collaboration easy

Hiring remotely? Make it easy for candidates to apply, regardless of their location and time zone. Once a candidate submits a recording, it becomes instantly available for remote hiring teams to evaluate. 

  • Expand your reach
  • Access a broader talent pool 
  • Make hiring more collaborative 


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