Measure work and vocational preferences

Identify the match between candidate preferences and job requirements.

Predict organisational fit and job satisfaction

Gain insight into the types of work tasks that individuals will find satisfying.

84 questions

Task and job preferences are compared to a position profile.


This assessment can be completed in 10 minutes (untimed).

Identify people who will enjoy their work

Work preferences are the foundation of job satisfaction. And satisfied employees who enjoy their work are engaged, high-performers who are more likely to stay longer and have a positive influence on their colleagues.

More fulfilled employees are better performers

We all have different things we prefer to do at work: for example, some people like to work on their own at a desk, while others prefer to move around and interact with others. It makes sense to identify people whose preferences match the requirements of the role, and the benefits of doing so are significant.

Employees who find their job fulfilling are more likely to be less stressed, more productive, have fewer days off from work, stay with your organisation for longer, perform better at their job, pick up new tasks quickly and enthusiastically, and be a positive influence on their co-workers and the organisation as a whole.

Hire for optimum fit

Candidates who fit the organisation and role will be more satisfied and stay longer.

Improve employee satisfaction

Satisfaction at work is proven to influence performance, productivity and commitment to the organisation.

Revelian’s Work Preferences Profile (available for Enterprise customers only) compares the task requirements of the job with the task preferences of the candidate to determine the degree of match. The greater the match, the greater the likelihood of employee satisfaction.

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Match job requirements and vocational preferences

The Revelian Work Preferences Profile is designed to compare the vocational preferences of a candidate, with a corresponding measure of job requirements.

The first step is to have a supervisor complete a profile of the position’s task requirements. Next, the candidate completes the assessment by selecting the kinds of work tasks they prefer. We then calculate the degree of match between each candidate’s preferences and the position requirements.

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Hire engaged and enthusiastic candidates

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    Employees who scored above average on the Revelian Work Preference Profile were 4.5 times more likely to be promoted and scored 11 per cent higher performance ratings.

    Federal government agency

Easily compare all candidate results

The position report ranks each candidate in order of their scores on the Work Preferences Profile, so you can easily see which candidates are a better ‘fit’ in terms of the task requirements of the role.

Get detailed insight into each candidate

You’ll receive an individual report for each candidate outlining the overall match score, with a detailed breakdown of the degree of match across each of eight task categories.

Recommended interview questions

The report provides a suggested positioning statement and recommended interview questions to help guide a discussion with the candidate regarding their work preferences, and investigate any areas of potential misalignment.

Predict organisational fit and job satisfaction

Experience the Work Preferences Profile as part of our Enterprise package. Get in touch and we will be happy to help find the right solution for you.