Measure conscientiousness and reliability

Assess candidate attitudes towards work habits, integrity and risk of engaging in counterproductive work behaviours such as theft.

Predict productivity, rule-adherence and trustworthiness

Get insights into each candidate’s propensity to behave in an ethical and honest manner at work.

50 questions

Participants complete 50 items that measure four critical traits


This assessment is not timed and can be completed in only 7 minutes.

Have confidence in the reliability of your employees

Extensive research has demonstrated that integrity tests like the Workplace Productivity Profile (WPP) can predict whether a potential employee might act unethically if hired. Screening your candidates in advance helps you to identify people who are more likely to be productive, conscientious and reliable employees.

Does your organisation rely on the integrity of its employees?

Knowing that your team has high moral and ethical values is important for any business, but it’s particularly critical if your employees will have direct access to personal data, cash or inventory, or will be working in a client’s home or place of business. You want people who will treat information and finances honestly and respectfully and can be relied on to act responsibly.

The WPP helps you to hire people who have the right traits to behave in an honest and ethical manner, and who are less likely to engage in counterproductive work behaviours such as theft, fraud, time-wasting and lateness.

Add Workplace Productivity Profile to your recruitment process

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Assess four key personality traits

Identify candidates who have the right traits to avoid counterproductive work behaviours

The WPP assesses four traits:

  • Conscientiousness: being deliberate, self-disciplined, organised and dependable
  • Perseverance: being diligent, consistent and persevering in the face of adversity. Also known as “Grit”
  • Integrity/Honesty: adhering to rules and laws; valuing honesty
  • Attitudes towards Theft and Fraud: attitudes towards theft, fraud and other dishonest financial dealings.

Use for roles requiring trustworthiness and reliability

Have confidence that employees will behave in your organisation’s best interests

The WPP is especially popular for roles that have a degree of responsibility or autonomy, particularly entry-level roles. This includes jobs that give employees access to personal or financial information, cash and inventory. It’s also useful for roles that require employees to regulate their own behaviour or work in customer’s homes or businesses.

The WPP is widely used in roles such as:

  • Retail employees
  • Cashiers
  • Field service technicians
  • Security guards
  • Home care workers
  • Cleaners
  • Manufacturing

Invest in the future integrity of your organisation

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Simple, useful score reports

Each candidate’s report indicates their overall integrity rating: High, Medium or Low. You’ll also see percentile ratings for each of the four trait scores, along with full explanations for each trait score.

Detect self-enhancing responses

In some cases, candidates may be inclined to exaggerate their strengths or downplay their weaknesses. To counteract this, the assessment includes an internal mechanism that detects potential self-enhancement. If detected, the candidate’s score will be adjusted up or down to provide a more accurate representation across the impacted trait(s). If the self-enhancement is extreme, we’ll flag the result as potentially invalid.

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