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Aptitude assessments are the best available predictors of job-related learning and future performance.

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Measuring General Mental Ability can be robust and engaging with Cognify.


Verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning

Measure in a single Cognitive Ability Test or focus in on a specific construct.

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Cognitive Ability testing outperforms other personnel measures as a predictor of future job performance.

Cognitive ability (aptitude) is another term for intelligence, problem solving capacity or reasoning ability. It refers to the ability to process, use, organise and retain information. And over more than 100 years of research, people with strong scores on cognitive ability tests have been proven to perform better both on the job and in training. Cognitive ability becomes more important as a predictor of job performance as the complexity of the job increases. It’s especially important in jobs that require people to process large amounts of information, or jobs that involve a great deal of training. Using cognitive ability assessment in your recruitment process, either in an engaging game-based format or a more traditional format, enables you to quickly and easily identify those with the potential to be top performers.

Cognitive ability tests don’t have to be boring

It’s possible to have a robust aptitude test that candidates enjoy.

Revelian’s cognitive ability assessments are offered in both a more familiar question-and-answer format (the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test) and a leading-edge, immersive game-based format (Cognify). This gives you a choice of assessment formats, so you can select the one most suitable to your employer brand and candidate demographic. You may also elect to focus in on particular attributes of cognitive ability, with separate assessments available for verbal reasoning, numeric reasoning, and abstract reasoning. Whichever format you select, you can be confident that the assessment has been thoroughly validated and proven in its psychometric rigour.

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  • Cognify

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Assess your top performers for a future hiring benchmark

Assess the cognitive ability of your top performers, then use this as a benchmark for assessing potential new hires.

As general mental ability is one of the best predictors of job performance available, it makes sense to understand current levels across your organisation to support a more complete understanding of your team’s capabilities. Such a benchmark adds an important comparison tool to your kit when hiring, because it allows you to rate candidates against existing levels of cognitive ability in the organisation.

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Assess skills for the future

Complex problem solving is the #1 future skill identified by the World Economic Forum.

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report lists complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, judgement and decision-making and cognitive flexibility among the top 10 skills needed to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution. People with high cognitive ability scores are more likely to effectively distill the core elements of an issue, and understand its scope, areas of flexibility, and unique factors, in order to generate different and creative ways of thinking. They’re more likely to make sound judgements based on consideration of a range of elements, evaluating the pros and cons of possible solutions.

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