The best way to predict performance

Cognitive ability or aptitude tests are the single strongest predictor of future job performance.

Improve productivity and on-boarding

Identify people who will learn more quickly and be more productive at work.

Applicable to any role

From cutting-edge game-based assessments to detailed long-form tests, we’ve got your aptitude evaluation needs covered. 

Success can be simple

Valid cognitive aptitude or general mental ability (GMA) assessments give you a sure-fire way of knowing if your candidates will be top performers. 

Great skills, qualifications, years of experience, an impressive interview and impeccable references – sounds like you’ve found the perfect employee, right? The truth is, while all of these factors can help you identify your best candidates, the reality is even simpler. 

After analysing more than 85 years of research across 32,000 job applicants, Frank Schmidt and John Hunter found that the factors we typically depend on aren’t a reliable way to predict on-the-job-performance. They determined that scientifically developed and validated cognitive ability assessments were twice as predictive as job interviews, three times as predictive as experience, and four times as predictive as education level. 

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    General Mental Ability (GMA, also known as cognitive ability) can be considered the primary personnel measure for hiring decisions and one can consider the remaining personnel measures as supplements to GMA measures.

    Schmidt & Hunter, 1988

Speed up on-boarding and productivity; reduce turnover

It takes time to on-board and successfully train a new employee. People with higher levels of cognitive ability learn the ropes more quickly and respond more effectively to training, optimising your training investment. 

We’ve also demonstrated strong correlations between cognitive ability test scores and overall productivity across a range of roles. Because people with stronger cognitive aptitude can problem-solve and reason more effectively and are good at paying attention to detail and thinking critically, their work tends to be of a better quality. 

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Select the cognitive aptitude test that’s right for you

From leading-edge game-based assessments to detailed long format tests, we’ve got your aptitude evaluation needs covered.  

Cognitive aptitude testing has been proven time and again to be one of the most accurate and reliable predictors of future job performance in almost any role. All the cognitive aptitude tests in our suite undergo rigorous scientific validation, demonstrating that the tests are highly predictive of job performance in a variety of different roles.

Innovative game-based aptitude assessments

Aptitude tests don’t have to be boring. Our game-based aptitude assessments are designed to be engaging for your candidates and supportive of your employer brand, while giving you access to powerful candidate insights you can trust. 

Award-winning, independently validated game-based cognitive ability assessment.

  • Measures: Problem-solving, numerical reasoning, verbal knowledge
  • Predicts: How candidates will perform on the job
  • Format: 6 engaging mini-games
  • Time: Approximately 30 minutes (timed)
  • Ideal for: Graduate and apprentice intakes, volume entry-level roles, digital and technical roles

A language-independent immersive assessment of cognitive aptitude.

  • Measures: Problem-solving and numerical reasoning
  • Predicts: How candidates will perform on the job
  • Format: 5 engaging mini-games
  • Time: Approximately 25 minutes (timed)
  • Ideal for: Graduate and apprentice intakes, volume entry-level roles, digital and technical roles

A brief, engaging cognitive ability assessment ideal for entry-level roles.

  • Measures: Critical thinking, problem-solving ability, attention to detail and ability to learn new information
  • Predicts: Critical factors contributing to on-the-job performance
  • Format: 3 short mini-games
  • Time: Approximately 5-6 minutes (timed)
  • Ideal for: Volume entry-level recruitment, apprentice intakes, retail sales, customer service

Comprehensive and construct-specific aptitude assessments

For more senior roles, or where specific aspects of aptitude need to be measured, our range of more traditional assessments will help you to hire employees who perform better on the job and in training. 

Criteria Cognitive Ability Test (CCAT)

A comprehensive cognitive aptitude evaluation with an item bank of thousands of individually optimised questions, delivered via randomised streaming.

  • Measures: Critical thinking, problem solving
  • Predicts: How well someone will acquire, organise, retain and apply information on the job
  • Format: Up to 50 verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning questions
  • Time: 15 minutes (timed)
  • Ideal for: Any mid- to high- level role requiring problem-solving and attention to detail

Universal Cognitive Ability Test (UCAT)

A language-independent test of cognitive aptitude. Because it doesn’t assess verbal ability, this test is easily translatable and ideal for international use where language proficiency may vary.

  • Measures: Critical thinking, problem solving, attention to detail, logic and analytics
  • Predicts: Future job performance
  • Format: Up to 40 questions
  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Ideal for: Any mid- to high-level position that typically requires a tertiary qualification. Particularly useful for international candidates

Mechanical Reasoning Test (CMRA)

The CMRA can predict future performance for a wide range of job roles where the operation, maintenance, and repair of equipment and machinery is required.

  • Measures: Mechanical aptitude and mechanical reasoning.
  • Predicts: Future job performance in roles requiring strong mechanical aptitude
  • Format: Up to 30 questions
  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Ideal for: Apprentices, machinery operators, trades roles, construction and labour, field service technicians

Attention Skills Test (CAST)

A brief, interactive assessment of mental fitness, concentration and focused attention.

  • Measures: Mental fitness, ability to multi-task, concentration skills, distractibility and reaction time
  • Predicts: Future job performance in a variety of roles
  • Format: Participants complete a variety of activities across multiple rounds
  • Time: 10 minutes
  • Ideal for: Any position requiring concentration and focus, such as truck drivers, surveillance and security, gaming dealers, logistics