Hire more engaged employees

Hire people who are committed to the organisation, believe in and support the organisation’s values.

Identify person-organisation fit

Greater person-organisation congruence means higher job satisfaction, demonstrated superior performance, and improved tenure.

Determine person-role fit

Identify people whose vocational preferences best match the requirements of the role.

Easily determine whether your candidates’ values align with your organisation’s values

Engagement impacts the bottom line

Measuring and improving employee engagement impacts positively on the organisation’s performance, productivity and profitability.

It’s said that employee engagement is the number one challenge for employers. Many organisations are now committed to improving their culture and making it more attractive to current and future employees. And with good reason: companies with top quartile engagement achieve higher productivity, less unwanted turnover, enhanced creative thinking and innovation, fewer safety incidents, higher customer advocacy and ultimately, more value to their shareholders. Engagement is more than just satisfaction or happiness. And the good news is—it’s possible to identify who will be engaged before you hire them.

Hire for optimal organisational fit

Understand how the work factors that are most important to your candidates align with your what your organisation offers

When the kind of workplace you offer to your employees align with the work factors they consider to be most important, beautiful things can happen. Your employees will be more committed to and supportive of your organisation, and will feel more engaged and satisfied at work. In turn, this leads to improved performance and productivity, and increased tenure.

The Revelian Values Inventory (for Enterprise customers only) determines the degree of match between your candidate’s most important workplace factors and what you offer as an employer, to help you identify candidates who will be more committed to your organisation.

Hire for optimal job fit

Identify the match between candidate preferences and job requirements, and gain insight into the types of work tasks that individuals will find most satisfying.

Employees who find their job fulfilling are more likely to be less stressed, more productive, have fewer days off from work, stay with your company for longer, perform better at their job, pick up new tasks quickly and enthusiastically, and be a positive influence on their co-workers and the business in general. The Revelian Work Preferences Profile (available for Enterprise customers only) compares the vocational preferences of a candidate with a corresponding measure of job requirements to identify the degree of person-job match. The closer the match, the greater likelihood of job satisfaction.

Assessments for culture and engagement

Values Inventory

Identify candidates who share your organisation’s values.

Work Preferences Profile

Identify the match between candidate preferences and job requirements.


Identify the match between candidate preferences and job requirements

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Federal regulatory authority predicts job performance and career advancement by testing work preferences

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A federal regulatory authority’s overall ‘suitability score’ on Revelian assessments predicts key organisational outcomes