Traditional hiring methods can be prone to bias

Despite our best intentions, unconscious biases can impact our recruitment processes

We help you minimise bias and uncover the best talent

We design and validate our assessments to help you hire diverse, high-performing teams.

Add more standardisation and fairness to your hiring process

Assess everyone using the same objective criteria to identify the best candidates.

Unconscious bias can get in the way of hiring a diverse team

Numerous studies have shown that highly diverse teams are stronger, more innovative, and perform better than less diverse teams. Yet when it comes to hiring, unconscious biases can affect our ability to objectively evaluate each candidate.

Put simply, unconscious biases are learned stereotypes that are automatic, unintentional, and deeply ingrained. Traditional hiring methods – such as relying on resumes and unstructured or informal interviews – can bring out these biases, making it all too easy to make a gut decision about a candidate based on information that has little to do with the job at hand.


We provide you with scientifically valid, fair and objective recruitment tools

To help minimise unconscious bias, we offer scientific and standardised tools that make your hiring process more objective. Properly constructed and validated psychometric assessments give you a clear and scientific way to appraise each candidate. They help you to compare each candidate using the same criteria, ensuring that you can easily and accurately identify the most promising candidates for each role.

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Minimise bias and uncover the potential within each job candidate.

We’re committed to helping you reduce bias

Each of our psychometric assessments is designed to help you hire diverse, high-performing teams. Through a rigorous validation process, our team of organisational psychologists ensure that our assessments are non-discriminatory and minimise any differences between subgroups, while maintaining the predictive accuracy of the assessment. We do this by reviewing all assessment content for cultural sensitivity and for differential item functioning to ensure that each assessment is free of content bias across cultural and gender groups.

Our tools help you achieve your diversity goals

At Revelian, we work with our clients to help them build a fair and equitable hiring process that fits their needs. Our team of organisational psychologists can work with you to optimise your recruitment funnel, to minimise bias and promote diversity at each step.

In addition, the Criteria platform offers a range of tools to help reduce bias in your hiring, including a “blind hiring” function that obscures candidates’ personal details, recruitment pipeline automations that progress candidates based on objective criteria, and candidate rating tools that require each evaluator to enter their own ranking before seeing others’ ratings.

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Case Study: Professional services firm hires more diverse and higher performing employees

The employer approached us to help improve their recruitment process, more specifically, increase the efficiency and validity of their hiring process, decrease unconscious bias and increase the diversity of candidates, and improve their employer brand by enhancing the candidate experience with the use of best practice recruitment technology.