Candidates prefer game-based assessments

Combining game-design thinking and science-based psychometrics means a great candidate experience.

Enhance your employer brand

Signal your innovation and forward-thinking culture to prospective employees right from the start.

Robust results, engaging experience

Combine the rigour and science of traditional tests with an engaging, fun candidate experience.

Add next generation psychometric assessment to your hiring process

Revolutionising candidate assessment through gameplay

80% of candidates prefer assessment games over other styles of tests.

By merging game-design thinking with trusted and proven psychometric principles, Revelian’s assessment games provide deep insight to inform better hiring decisions, and a rich, immersive experience for your candidate. Instead of asking your candidates to complete a test that feels like a test, they get to play a series of games. Our unique custom-developed game analytics engine examines each candidate’s data and gives you accurate results. And candidates love it; survey results from Revelian’s validation and trial period showed that not only do test takers enjoy taking GBAs, but they also perceive them to be fairer and a better measure of their abilities.

A History of Firsts

Revelian’s foray into cutting-edge Game-Based Assessments commenced in 2014 when we introduced a third-party gamified test into the Australian market. It wasn’t long before we realised that we had the expertise and enthusiasm to create our own, and Theme Park Hero, the world’s first game-based cognitive ability assessment for recruitment, was launched in 2015. By 2017 we released the award-winning Cognify, which has replaced Theme Park Hero as our best-of-breed game-based cognitive ability assessment. And in 2019, we launched another world-first – Emotify, an interactive, robust Emotional Intelligence assessment that candidates love.


Start the candidate journey with a positive experience

Gain deep, trusted insight to inform better hiring decisions, while enhancing your employer brand and candidate UX.

It’s the ‘age of the employee’, where candidates share their experiences—and especially negative experiences—online with a virtually unlimited audience. Employers are realising the importance of a positive experience across all stages of the candidate and employee journey. When you use game-based assessments such as Cognify and Emotify as part of your recruitment process, you’re not only identifying the best candidates quickly, accurately and enjoyably. You’re also telling your prospective employees that you’re an innovative employer, and that you care about the experience your candidates go through to become part of your team.

  • Cognify

  • Cognify

Results you can trust

“Easy to use, challenging and applicable. Makes you think about how the game applies to your skill set and those required by the employer.”

Data from game based assessments is collected and analysed using the same psychometric tools and principles you trust, so you can be confident that you’re getting the same robust results you expect from a traditional psychometric assessment—and more. We collect thousands of data points for each candidate, so get a much more accurate image of their abilities than a simple questionnaire with right and wrong answers. We capture and measure different responses to play, and infer how individuals may apply these approaches to other contexts. Revelian’s game-based assessments are robust against “faking” and response distortion, and are suitable for a wide range of roles and industries. Your candidates become immersed in the games and forget they’re completing an assessment, which means they’re less stressed, and you get more authentic data about their performance.

Enhance your employer brand with game based assessments

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