Use the latest assessment technology

Using the latest assessment technology positions you as an innovative employer of choice.

Speed up your process

Revelian assessments integrate with leading Applicant Tracking Systems, making inviting candidates and receiving results fast and simple.

Care for your candidates

Our game-based assessments offer a simply better candidate experience, and we offer 24/7 technical support.

Achieve business-critical outcomes

We work with you to identify your most important outcomes and help you prove the tangible impact assessments have on your business.

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Use the latest assessment technology

Candidates love our game-based assessments, such as Cognify and Emotify.

We’ve merged valid and reliable psychometric assessments with the latest game-design thinking to deliver an immersive and engaging experience for today’s job candidates.

While these assessments offer your candidates a positive experience, they’re also underpinned by trusted psychometric science. Revelian has been delivering scientifically valid psychometric assessments that reliably assess attributes proven to predict performance at work, since 1999. We know how to build tools that assess relevant job-related attributes effectively, so you can be confident that, while you’re delivering an innovative and fun experience for your candidates, you’re also using well-researched, validated and trusted science to identify which graduates will be your future top performers.

Experience a fast, seamless process

Access assessments through a seamless integration with your ATS.

Revelian smoothly integrates with leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) so you can invite applicants to complete assessments and view their reports within your system. We conduct on-site training and provide ongoing support to ensure the system works seamlessly from day one.

Our API allows integration with any ATS and other systems, and we also offer ‘out of the box’ integration with the following systems, so you can immediately experience the power of Revelian assessments:

  • Oracle Taleo
  • JobAdder
  • CVMail
  • Acendre
  • PageUp People.

Offer a simply better candidate experience

Ensure your candidates have a positive and engaging experience.

Today’s top employers understand the importance of making the candidate experience as engaging and trouble-free as possible. Candidates have not only told us that they prefer our game-based assessments to traditional tests, they also perceive them as a fairer way to assess job applicants. On top of that, the assessments positively impacted their perception of the company and their decision to accept a job offer, and motivated them to recommend applying for a job with the company to others.

To support your candidates, Revelian offers round-the-clock, 365-day assistance, including clear and concise instructions, example questions, online system checks, live chat, online help portals and email and phone support.

Move the needle on business-critical metrics

Streamline your recruitment process and improve business outcomes.

Introducing assessments into a manual, time-consuming recruitment process will improve your efficiency and have a significant impact on areas such as time spent reviewing resumes, interview-to-hire ratios, offer acceptance rates, etc.

It’s also highly likely that using assessments to identify high potential employees will bring about improvements in outcomes such as productivity and performance, satisfaction and commitment, retention, diversity and on-boarding effectiveness. We’ll work with you to identify your critical metrics and outcomes from the beginning and continuously collect supporting information throughout the recruitment cycle to help you prove the value of assessments to your organisation as a whole.

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