Hire for success

Research shows that top performers have a tangible impact on your organisation’s success—across all roles and industries.

Increase productivity

Studies show that the top five per cent of employees produce up to four times the output of the rest of the team.

Reduce involuntary turnover

Reduce the high cost of replacing employees by better understanding candidates before you hire.

Improve time to productivity

Training and onboarding new employees takes time. Top performers are quick learners and respond more effectively to training.

Success can be simple

A valid cognitive ability or general mental ability assessment (GMA) is a sure-fire way to know if candidates are truly top performers.

Spot the difference

Great skills, qualifications, years of experience, an impressive interview and impeccable references—sounds like you’ve found your person, right?

The truth is while all of these factors can help you identify your best candidates, the reality is even simpler.

After analysing more than 85 years of research across 32 000 job applicants and 500 different jobs, Frank Schmidt and John Hunter came to a surprising conclusion.

The usual factors we typically depend on to predict good performance aren’t as reliable as we might think.

This study found that people with higher cognitive ability are more likely to:

  • learn faster
  • respond well to training
  • solve problems more effectively
  • have superior reasoning skills.

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    General Mental Ability (GMA, also known as cognitive ability) can be considered the primary personnel measure for hiring decisions and one can consider the remaining personnel measures as supplements to GMA measures.

    Schmidt and Hunter, 1988

Find your top performers

Access the insights you need through our assessment suite

Good people have impact

The right people can make all the difference to the work you do.

Your best employees are worth their weight in gold—naturally, you want to hire more people like them.

Our suite of assessments can help you to identify top-performing candidates, so that you can hire people who amplify the impact of your work.

Multiply your productivity

Top performers transform the output of your entire team.

Your team’s output could be multiplied four times over by high-performing employees.

Through our assessments, you can identify highly motivated people who have the right skill set and capabilities, so you can increase your team’s productivity.

Hire for the long-term

Make your hiring decisions sustainable and worthwhile.

The hiring decisions you make today should support your organisations’ future performance.

Our assessments help you to identify the candidates who can meet your standards.

Find the fast learners

Speed up the early stages of employment.

It takes time to onboard and successfully train a new employee.

Top performers learn the ropes faster and respond more effectively to training.

Our assessments help you to find people who click with their roles quickly.

Know what to look for

Identify your next top performers