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Make the recruitment experience consistent and objective for every candidate.

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We work with you to identify your most important outcomes and help you prove the tangible impact assessments have on your business.

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Measure What Matters

Find people who bring what you need to the table.

Gather insight to help you make the best people decisions based on your candidates’ skillsets, experiences, abilities and fit.

Our robust psychometric assessments help you to assess candidate attributes that matter to you.

Game-Changing Insights

Enhance your reputation as an employer of choice through innovative assessments that deliver results.

We supply the solutions that help you to promote an employer brand with fair, efficient and user-friendly recruitment processes.

Our up-to-the minute game-based assessments Cognify, Emotify and GAME deliver quality insights and fun, engaging candidate experiences using the psychometric properties you know and trust. We know how to build tools that assess relevant job-related attributes effectively, so you can be confident that, while you’re delivering an innovative and fun experience for your candidates, you’re also using well-researched, validated and trusted science to identify which graduates will be your future top performers.

Introduce a natural ease and level of engagement to your recruitment process and discover the depth of insight our assessments can deliver as a result.

Expert Guidance and Support

Professional support from a team of professionals

Our team of experienced Consulting Psychologists and Customer Success Professionals will provide support and expertise when you need it; from assessment selection and recruitment process design advice, to tailored training sessions and stakeholder workshops, right through to identifying role and industry specific score range recommendations.

Our team will guide you in the best use of our advanced assessment delivery and candidate management platform. Or, if you’d prefer to integrate our assessments via your ATS, your support team can also include a dedicated ATS Integration Manager, on hand to assist smooth and efficient ATS integrations if needed.

And to support your candidates, Revelian offers round-the-clock, 365-day assistance, including clear and concise instructions, example questions, online system checks, live chat, online help portals and email and phone support.

Focus on the Metrics that Matter

Positive business impact through accurate, efficient recruitment

You know using assessments makes your recruitment process more robust and scientific. It’s equally important to have hard evidence of the outcomes you’re achieving across your organisation. We’ll work with you to identify your critical metrics and outcomes from the beginning and help you to quantify the impact of your assessment investment on critical HR metrics such as recruitment process efficiency, candidate quality, candidate experience, diversity, time and cost to hire.

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Our broad range of assessments

Attention Skills Test (CAST)

Assess attention skills and distractibility with an interactive assessment that’s ideal for roles requiring sustained focus and concentration.

Basic Skills Test (CBST) (Skills)

Assess job-readiness, trainability and core skills to identify candidates who can learn quickly and perform well.

Cognify (Game based Aptitude)

Enhanced game design and technology to assess cognitive ability.

Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)

Assess cognitive aptitude with a more traditional assessment, ideal for senior and managerial roles.

Computer Literacy & Internet Knowledge (CLIK) (Skills)

Assess essential internet and computing skills with a short, task-based assessment that’s ideal for entry level roles requiring basic computer proficiency.

Emotify (Game based EI)

An interactive measure of emotional intelligence, perception and understanding

Employee Personality Profile (EPP)

Assess personality and interaction preferences and identify how well each candidate meets the behavioural requirements of a role.

General Aptitude Mobile Evaluation (GAME)

Assess cognitive aptitude with a short game-based assessment that’s ideal for entry level roles and bulk recruitment exercises.

Mechanical Reasoning Assessment (CMRA)

Assess mechanical reasoning ability with this engaging test that’s ideal for any role that requires operating, maintaining and repairing equipment and machinery.

Microsoft Excel 2013 and 2016 (Skills)

Assess Excel proficiency for roles requiring the ability to perform basic tasks in Excel.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and 2016 (Skills)

Assess PowerPoint proficiency for roles requiring the ability to perform basic tasks in PowerPoint.

Microsoft Word 2013 and 2016 (Skills)

Assess Word proficiency for roles requiring the ability to perform basic tasks in Word.

Ten Key Test (Skills)

Assess numerical data entry skills, for roles requiring quick and accurate numerical data entry.


Assess specific skills or knowledge by building your own custom tests.

Typing Test (Skills)

Assess typing speed and accuracy to help identify candidates with solid typing skills.

Universal Cognitive Aptitude Test (UCAT)

Assess cognitive aptitude for international candidates with this language-independent assessment.

Workplace Productivity Profile (WPP)

Assess conscientiousness and reliability. Ideal for roles with access to personal data, cash or inventory, or when the candidate will be working in a customer’s home or business.

Workplace Safety Profile (WSP)

Assess attitudes and beliefs to safety at work to identify candidates who are less likely to take risks, disregard safety procedures and condone unsafe behaviour from others.


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