Robust psychometrics

Measure the skills and capabilities that matter to you.

User-friendly experiences

Capture your candidates with fun and engaging assessment packages.

Fair and consistent recruitment

Make the recruitment experience consistent for every candidate.

Better outcomes

Assessments that effectively and reliably deliver the best candidates.

Results backed by science

Enhance your reputation as an employer of choice through innovative assessments that are grounded in robust psychometric science.


Gather insight through gameplay

We supply the solutions that help you to promote an employer brand with fair, efficient and user-friendly recruitment processes.

Our up-to-the minute game-based assessments deliver quality insights and fun, engaging candidate experiences using the psychometric properties you know and trust.

You can measure aspects of your candidates’ cognitive ability and emotional intelligence with quick and enjoyable gameplay through our game-based assessments: Cognify, and Emotify.

You’ll get sophisticated yet easy-to-understand reports as soon as candidates complete testing, with rankings and comparisons included.

Game-changing insights

Discover assessments that prove you’re an employer of choice

Measure what matters

Find people who bring what you need to the table.

Gather insight to help you make the best people decisions based on your candidates’ abilities, behaviours and fit.

Our robust psychometric assessments help you to assess candidate attributes that matter to you.

Engaging and fun

Game-based psychometric assessment.

Make every minute count by capturing your candidates through enjoyable game-based assessments.

Introduce a natural ease and level of engagement to your recruitment process and discover the depth of insight our assessments can deliver as a result.

Consistent recruitment experiences

A fair game for everyone.

A consistent recruitment experience is better for everyone—for you, your organisation and your candidates.

Our assessments help you to prioritise fair and objective recruitment processes and practices from the beginning through to final selection.

The best candidates

Tried, tested and true.

Insights from our assessments deliver the best candidates, effectively, efficiently and reliably.

We work with you to provide tailored assessment packages that deliver the insights you need across the entire employee lifecycle.

Hire for the future

Make your next hires count towards the success of your organisation.