World-class assessments

Gain access to world-first game-based assessments and proven traditional tests.

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Partnership models include reseller relationships and API integrations.

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We will be there every step of the way, helping everyone to get the most out of Revelian’s wide range of talent assessments.

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Why partner with Revelian?

Organisations across the globe partner with Revelian to extend their talent solutions capability. From large multinational companies to boutique consultancy firms, our partners find immense value in offering their customers best-in-class talent assessments knowing with certainty their validity and the helpful support that Revelian deliver.

Which assessments are available to partners?

Our entire suite of talent assessments are available, including our most advanced game-based cognitive ability assessments—Cognify and Emotify. But if you prefer something more traditional we have a range of assessments built over our 20 years in developing psychometrically rigorous assessments.

Integration, reseller program or member organisation?

Deciding on the best way to partner with Revelian is as easy as a conversation with our partners team, who can help guide you through the ins-and-outs of getting started and deciding on the most effective approach for your business. We offer a variety of commercial models and integrate with a range of e-recruitment and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).


Find the right combination of assessments


Enhanced game design and technology to assess cognitive ability.

EMOTIFY | Game-Based Emotional Intelligence (EI) Assessment

An interactive measure of emotional intelligence, perception and understanding

Cognitive Ability Test

Uncover the secret to hiring smarter people.

Values Inventory

Identify candidates who share your organisation’s values.

Work Reliability

Assess candidate integrity.

Work Safety

Mitigate and manage safety risk.

16 Personality Factors Questionnaire (16PF)

A little personality goes a long way.

Behavioural Profile

Identify behavioural fit for the role and team.



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Case study

Predicting risk of violent behaviour in public utility employees

Case study

Data#3 enhances collaboration and productivity


Offering a positive candidate experience has numerous benefits