Get a holistic view of your candidates

Individual personality styles influence how people approach their role and interact with others.

Understand both new hires and existing teams

Assessments available for insight into behavioural profile of both potential hires, and existing employees.

Create a group Behavioural Profile

Create a profile of an existing team to use as a benchmark for assessing new hires.

Use personality testing to support your hiring decisions

Identify the best behavioural fit

Powerful insight into how the candidate is likely to approach the role and fit with the team.

When used correctly, personality tests give you excellent insight into a person and their preferred way of behaving and interacting with others. While there’s no right or wrong personality, there are certain characteristics that can be more aligned to success in particular roles. More importantly, individual personality styles influence how people approach their role and interact with others, which in turn influences both performance and team fit.

Tools for pre and post hire

Useful context to help you understand your candidates, employees and colleagues.

Revelian provides two personality or behavioural assessment tools. The 16 Personality Factors Questionnaire (16PF), is a more sophisticated measure of personality that provides a comprehensive profile of an individual that is particularly useful for senior and specialist roles. 16PF is available for Enterprise customers only. The Behavioural Profile, which is based on the DISC model, provides practical insights at all levels of the organisation for all roles, with easy-to-apply reporting. The Revelian Behavioural Profile is available for both recruitment purposes, and for use post-hire in helping your people and teams get a better understanding of themselves, each other, and how to work together more effectively.

Revelian 16PF Example Question Image

Unique team profiling capability

Understand the impact of new hires on existing team performance and dynamics.

The Revelian Behavioural Profile offers the unique capability of team profiling. This process produces a profile that combines the unique behavioural characteristics of an existing team, which can then be used in comparison to the profile of candidates applying for new roles. Such a comparison provides insight about the potential influence the candidate would have on the existing dynamic and performance of the team.

Better understand your candidates, employees and colleagues

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