Safer employees

Identify people who will behave more safely at work

More reliable employees

Identify more conscientious and reliable employees

Mitigate and manage safety risk

Understand each candidate’s likelihood of working safely, so you can make more informed hiring decisions

Extensive research shows that despite all of the money, time and effort we put into ensuring a safe workplace – with strategies such as training, risk mitigation and safe workplace design – some people are more likely to take risks and indulge in unsafe work behaviour than others.

Our Workplace Safety Profile provides a window to the future. It allows you to understand the safety attitudes and beliefs of your candidates before you make a hire, arming you with the information you need to make more effective hires.

Have confidence in the integrity of your employees

Know you can trust your people to act honesty and responsibly

Being confident in the integrity of your team – including their willingness to follow rules and be a conscientious, productive and reliable employee – has never been more important. And it’s especially critical for roles that require handling money, stock or confidential information.

The Workplace Productivity Profile helps you to understand your candidates, particularly whether they are likely to behave reliably, be trustworthy, follow rules, and abstain from counterproductive behaviours such as theft, fraud and absenteeism (taking sick days when they’re not really sick).

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Our risk assessments

Use trusted, scientifically valid risk assessments

Our short, candidate-friendly risk assessments can be completed on any device, including mobile, tablet or desktop. They give you confidence that the people you hire will behave safely and with integrity.

Workplace Safety Profile (WSP)
When you know an individual’s propensity for working safely, you’re better equipped to make more informed hiring decisions. The assessment is available in a short and long form.

  • Measures: Safety control, risk aversion and stress management. The long form also includes drug aversion and attitudes towards violence
  • Predicts: Propensity to work safely, avoid risk and take responsibility for safety outcomes
  • Format: 46 questions (short form), 75 questions (long form)
  • Time: Approximately 10 minutes (untimed)
  • Ideal for: Roles that require safe behaviour, such as Drivers, Machine operators and Construction workers

Workplace Productivity Profile (WPP)
Identify candidates who will be conscientious, productive and reliable employees. This is a great assessment for entry-level positions that require rule-adherence and trustworthiness.

  • Measures: Conscientiousness, productivity, reliability and rule adherence
  • Predicts: Work habits, integrity and potential risk of engaging in counterproductive behaviours
  • Format: 50 questions
  • Time: Approximately 7 minutes (untimed)
  • Ideal for: For roles that require reliable and trustworthy behaviour, such as Retail, Support or Care Workers, Accounting and Finance