Safer employees

Assess the beliefs and attitudes your candidates and employees have towards safety at work.

More reliable employees

Identify high-risk candidates who are more likely to show counterproductive behaviour.

Benchmark your organisation

Use your top performers as a benchmark to assess potential new hires.

Mitigate and manage safety risk

Understand each individual’s likelihood of working safely so you can make more informed hiring decisions.

Extensive research shows that despite all of the money, time and effort we put into ensuring a safe workplace, some people are more likely to take risks and indulge in unsafe or counterproductive behaviour than others.

Revelian’s Work Safety Assessment and Productivity Profile provide a window to the future. They allow you to understand the safety attitudes and beliefs of your employees and candidates, arming you with the information to address the risk-taking behaviour of your people and make more effective hires.

Have confidence in the integrity of your employees

Know you can trust your people to act honestly and responsibly.

Being confident in the integrity of your employees—including their willingness to condone or support risky behaviour in others—has never been more important.

The Revelian Workplace Productivity Profile can help you hire people who have the right attitude towards counterproductive behaviours, theft and fraud, and dishonest or deceptive behaviour.

Assess your top performers for a future hiring benchmark

Assess the safety or reliability attitudes of your top performers, then use this as a benchmark for assessing potential new hires.

If safety and security are key drivers of your organisation’s productivity, assessing safety attitudes and behaviours can enhance your training and set the standard for recruitment.

Revelian clients who have used a safety benchmark as a shortlisting tool during recruitment have seen substantial reductions in the number of incidents across the business.

Talk to us about how we can help you be confident in the safety and integrity of your people.