20+ years of experience

We’ve been pioneers in online psychometric testing since 1999 when Revelian (then Onetest) began developing our first psychometric assessments, using the (then very basic) internet. We were, in fact, the first company in Australia to bring psychometric testing online. Over the years, we changed our name to Revelian, developed many more assessments and have a loyal community of customers, including government departments, public and private sector operators, and many small businesses as well. We continue to innovate and grow to meet the needs of the rapidly changing and evolving marketplace.

In 2020, Revelian was acquired by Criteria Corp, an LA-based leader in psychometric assessments for recruitment, who like us are known for innovation in both product and solutions.

Global reach

Revelian has users in over 45 countries worldwide and we deliver more than 500,000 assessments per year. Our assessments are interactive, reliable and flexible. We’re trusted by top employers around the world to deliver powerful HR insights through cutting-edge psychometric assessments.

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Ahead of the game

In 2015, we launched the world’s first game-based psychometric assessment; following that, we launched Cognify in 2016, and Emotify in 2019. Our award-winning, cutting-edge game-based assessments have been independently validated by leading experts in the field.

Cognify (Game based Aptitude)

Enhanced game design and technology to assess cognitive ability.

Emotify (Game based EI)

An interactive measure of emotional intelligence, perception and understanding


Commitment to psychological validity

Revelian is a member of the International Test Commission and compliant with the Computer-Based Testing Guidelines. We adhere to the Australian Psychological Society’s (APS) Ethical Guidelines, particularly those referring to Online Psychological Testing (July 2009) and ensure that best practice underpins all associated business practices. Revelian achieves this by employing a team of research and development focused Psychologists who prioritise the integrity of the assessments at all times. Their time is dedicated to ensuring the delivery, maintenance and interpretation of the assessments continues to align with best practice and the APS guidelines.

Rigorously validated

Revelian assessments are governed by a rigorous scientific methodology and ethical guidelines and all of our assessments have been found to be reliable and valid. All assessments are administered in a standardised and consistent form, ensuring that each candidate is exposed to the same test content and experience regardless of the candidate’s age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, marital status. Revelian assessments have been validated against job relevant criteria such as job performance and workplace accidents and injuries and are therefore clearly job relevant.

Award winning

Two major industry awards have confirmed Revelian’s stringent research and development process of our game-based assessment, Cognify. Cognify was the winner of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (Australasia) 2016 in the Government/Industry category and went on to represent the Australasian area in the International Serious Games Showcase & Challenge.

Cognify was awarded the Emerging Directions in Organisational Psychology, Workplace Excellence Award in October 2018. Cognify was evaluated on the basis of; innovation in design and application, utilisation of psychological knowledge, organisational impact, sustainability, demonstration of thought leadership and using psychology to create new, different and novel organisational interventions.

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Revelian follows a “glass box” approach by harnessing the power of machine learning and algorithmic insights, while also retaining the capacity for humans to understand and explain how outcomes are predicted. This is primarily done by using methods which simplify, summarise and explain key features in the data, rather than amplifying the complexity in the data.

Glass box approaches are focused on both predicting outcomes as well as providing reliable insight into key factors that describe or differentiate applicants. The key defining feature of a glass box approach is that differences between candidates in their scores or outcomes can be explained by the people who developed or use the assessment. This means that if you’re ever called on to explain or defend a decision, then you can do so.

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Secure operation

Revelian is ISO9001 and ISO27001 quality certified, and all online data is protected by the latest encryption. We follow stringent data security and privacy policies and adhere to the Australian Psychological Society guidelines for the ethical use of personal information. We are also a member of the International Test Commission and compliant with the Computer-Based Testing Guidelines.

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Independent research

Revelian has worked with independent researching partners, universities and businesses in local and international studies. Revelian’s R&D team also work closely with leading experts in testing, psychometrics and applied psychology to build assessments that are informed by the latest research. Our Scientific Advisory Board have made significant contributions to Revelian’s development efforts.

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