Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below you will find some answers to common questions, but if you still need more information you will find it on our Candidate Support portal.

Revelian provides you with a number of ways to access support.

Firstly, our Candidate Support portal has a lot of information and detailed FAQs that have been written in response to common questions that come up for jobseekers when they are completing assessments.

Secondly, our chatbot ‘Eve’ is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist you with finding the answer you are looking for. Simply start a conversation with Eve by clicking on the circle in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Thirdly, chat with a support agent. If Eve cannot help with your question, you may be forwarded to a support agent who will help to investigate your query further. Depending on the outcome of your chat and considering factors such as time to resolve with a support agent you may receive a phone call or be asked to log a support ticket so that your request can be finalised.

Assessments can be stressful, and the last thing you want to worry about is technical difficulties when you’re completing them. We recommend following these instructions to make sure the experience is as trouble-free as possible.

You will need:

  • desktop or laptop computer with a mouse and a keyboard (in some instances a mobile device is also compatible)
  • reliable internet connection
  • The latest version of one of these browsers:

Need more information about internet browsers? Access our full jobseeker FAQs here

The simple answer for most assessments is no, not really. While some companies might try to get you to pay money to complete practice assessments, and tell you that this will help you to perform better when you complete certain assessments, the reality is that most tests aren’t the kind of thing you can practice for.

There are a few different types of tests you could be invited to complete: ability tests, attitude tests, and skills tests.

Ability tests (also known as aptitude) are designed to assess your innate abilities, which aren’t generally things that can be learned or taught. Examples include:

  • Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT)
  • Cognify (game-based assessment)
  • Emotify (game-based assessment)
  • Abstract Reasoning Test (RART)
  • Numerical Reasoning Test (RNRT)
  • Verbal Reasoning Test (RVRT)
  • Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)

You’ll have the opportunity to complete several practice questions before you begin each test, which will help you to familiarise yourself with the kinds of questions you’ll be asked throughout the assessment.

Attitude tests (also known as personality tests) are designed to help employers understand more about your personality and preferences. As such, there are no right or wrong answers for these tests, just your personal preferences, interests, and motivations. Examples of these tests include:

  • Behavioural Profile
  • 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire
  • Work Preferences Profile
  • Values Inventory
  • Work Safety Assessment
  • Work Reliability Scale

The best way to complete these tests is without too much thought: just choose the responses that feel most natural to you.

Finally, skills tests assess your level of skill or knowledge in a particular area. Examples of this kind of test include software tests such as Microsoft Word and Excel, typing and data entry tests, or technical tests such as Java and SQL.

For these kinds of tests, it can be helpful to practice (for speed or accuracy tests such as typing or data entry) or study (for tests that assess knowledge, such as Microsoft Word or bookkeeping), since these are the kinds of skills that can be improved over time.

Need more support? Access our full jobseeker FAQs here

Please contact the organisation that sent you the email invitation to complete assessments and request an extension.

Need more support? Access our full jobseeker FAQs here

When you log in to complete your recruitment assessments, you’ll see a screen that lists which assessments you’ve been asked to complete and how long each one will take. As long as your invitation isn’t due to expire, you don’t need to begin the assessments straight away: you can log out and log back in at a later time if that suits you better.

If the assessment is timed, you will need to complete the whole assessment in one session.

As a general guide, each assessment will take the following time to complete:

  • Cognitive Ability Test: 20 mins (timed)
  • Cognify: approx. 30 mins (timed)
  • Emotify: approx. 20 mins (timed)
  • Verbal Reasoning Test: 10 mins (timed)
  • Abstract Reasoning Test: 10 mins (timed)
  • Numerical Reasoning Test: 12 mins (timed)
  • Behavioural Profile: 10 mins (not timed)
  • Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT): 40 mins (not timed)
  • Values Inventory: 10 mins (not timed)
  • Work Safety Assessment: 10-15 mins (not timed)
  • Work Reliability Scale: 10-15 mins (not timed)
  • Work Preferences Profile: 10-15 mins (not timed)
  • 16 Personality Factors Questionnaire: 30 mins (not timed)
  • Skills tests: time will vary depending on the test.

Need more support? Access our full jobseeker FAQs here

When you complete assessments, a confirmation is sent to your registered email address.  If you can’t find it, please check your junk or spam folders.

You can also:

a) Log in to your Revelian account and check your status for the relevant position

b) Use the details in your assessment invitation email to log in to the assessment space. If your assessments are incomplete and your invitation hasn’t expired, you will be able to complete them.

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Revelian has a broad range of assessments, so you may have been invited to complete different tests than those you’ve already completed.

When you log in to complete assessments, the system will ask you to provide your personal and security information, and will then detect whether you have previous responses for the assessments you’ve been invited to.  If you do, you will be asked whether you’d like to release or withhold your responses.

Please note that if you withhold your results, you won’t be able to complete the assessment again and you may jeopardise your chances of advancing further in the recruitment process.

Need more support? Access our full jobseeker FAQs here


As mentioned above, with the exception of skills tests, Revelian assessments aren’t the kind of tests you can practice for, since they measure innate abilities or aptitudes, or personal preferences or attributes. You will, however, have the opportunity to complete several practice questions before you begin each test, so you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with the kinds of questions you need to answer or tasks you need to complete.

We recommend taking as much time as you need with the practice questions to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible before you begin your tests. You should also make sure you’re in a comfortable, distraction-free environment and are feeling relaxed, well-rested and ready to perform at your best.

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The assessments require a minimum amount of screen space to fit the assessment experience without needing to scroll your mouse. If we detect that your display does not fit the entire application a warning will be triggered. The application will require you to increase the amount of screen space available to accommodate the entirety of the assessment for the best possible experience.

To increase the amount of screen space available you can try the following:

  • Set the browser set to full screen mode by pressing F11 (Laptop Keyboards: Fn + F11; Mac: Ctrl + Cmd + F).
  • Change the screen resolution for your monitor by right-clicking on your desktop, selecting Screen Resolution and changing the resolution to be greater than 1280 x 768.
  • Close the bookmarks toolbar by going to the Menu bar and selecting View, then Toolbars and unticking Bookmarks.
  • Reset the zoom level on your browser to 100% by holding the Ctrl button and pressing the minus (-) key (Windows) or Cmd + Option + – (Mac). If it’s already at 100% and the browser window is still too large, try changing the zoom level to 90% (or 80%). If you try this option, please do not proceed with assessments unless you are certain that the text is still easily readable at that size. See more information on adjusting zoom levels here.

If you have tried more than one browser and/or are unable to make the required changes to your computer/browser, please try on an alternate computer with a bigger display such as a family member or friend’s, local council library, or an internet cafe.

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If you are logging in at or are logging in to complete assessments, click the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link.  Instructions to reset your password will be sent to your registered email address.

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Some employers choose to provide feedback reports to candidates and others choose not to. If a Revelian feedback report is available, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your results.

If a Revelian feedback report is not made available to you, you can contact the employer to inquire as to whether feedback will be made available.

If you have completed self-assessments (Revelian Personal Insight Profile – Behaviour or Revelian Personal Insight Profile – Typing) you can view your results by logging into your Revelian account.

Need more support? Access our full jobseeker FAQs here

Please contact Revelian and send us the following information so that we can update your email address for you:

  • Your mother’s maiden name
  • Your day of birth, e.g. 28
  • Your month of birth, e.g. 10
  • Your old email address
  • Your new email address

We will update your address and send your password to your new address.

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If you have concerns that a disability or impairment may impact on your assessment, we ask that you contact Revelian or the relevant recruiter before completing the assessment.

To help us better understand how your disability may affect your assessment experience, we normally request that you provide us with further information. This information will enable us to understand your personal circumstances. With your consent, we may discuss with the recruiter how we can best accommodate you within the existing recruitment process.

We understand the following requested information is sensitive in nature and you may prefer to disclose this information directly to the recruiter instead. Please note all information provided to Revelian is treated with strict confidence and will only be reviewed by a registered psychologist, in consultation with the recruiter.

Normally we will ask for information such as:

  • The name of condition, disability, impairment, illness or personal situation (if applicable)
  • A description how your condition, disability, impairment or personal situation will impact your ability to complete the assessments
  • Medical certification to confirm your condition and how this may impact your ability to complete the assessment
  • Whether you give us permission to discuss these matters with the employing organisation/s on your behalf (if you have multiple applications pending, please let us know how many are impacted and who they are)
  • Any other information or documentation you can provide us that you think is relevant
  • Your best contact number

Send this information to our candidate support team via our support form.

Once we receive the above information along with your consent to discuss your circumstances, our psychology team will be in contact with the recruiter to discuss your application.

Need more support? Access our full jobseeker FAQs here

Looking for more support?

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