Measures your personality

Assesses the unique characteristics that underlie and influence your behaviour at work.

Helps to predict role behaviour and team fit

Your results on the assessment help to predict how you are likely to behave and interact with others and your fit with the role and team.

170 Questions

You will complete 170 multiple-choice questions that gather insights into your behavioural traits.

Un-timed Assessment

The assessment is not timed and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

What is the 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF)?

The 16PF® Questionnaire measures the personality dimensions that underlie a person’s behaviour. Because it uses a common framework that can be applied to all people, the 16PF Questionnaire predicts how people are likely to behave in certain situations and how they prefer to interact with others, by asking them to choose statements that best describe how they most typically behave.

  • Example 16PF question

How do I complete the assessment?

You’ll need to be invited by an employer who uses Revelian assessments to complete the test. Once you’ve received your invitation, you can log in and read information about the assessment.

The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is not timed. There are no right or wrong answers, and we encourage you to answer according to your initial impressions, as this is generally the most accurate.

How can I prepare for the assessment?

The 16PF Questionnaire is not a test you can pass or fail; it just tells a prospective employer how you are likely to behave and interact with others. It doesn’t depend on having any special knowledge or having completed any type of study, so there is no need to study beforehand. You’ll also be able to see some example questions before you begin the assessment.

The best things you can do to prepare is to ensure you’re in a comfortable, distraction-free environment, and that you read the instructions and check the example questions carefully before you start the assessment.

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